It Was More Than a Sled

My first initial reaction in learning that we had to watch another old movie that was considered to be good, I wasn’t really too thrilled. But in the end, I thoroughly enjoyed “Citizen Kane” a lot more than I did with “Vertigo.”  I thought the movie was really good, even during the time it came out it was featuring techniques that had not been seen before in other movies. I really enjoyed how the timeline of Kane’s life jumped around, it had you trying to piece a jigsaw puzzle together (haha get it). I felt that I was more invested in the film because of that, it kept me interested in finding out the rest of Kane’s life story. But overall it was a great film. Will I watch it again? Probably not, but if I had to for a class of something I wouldn’t mind at all. Going back on track, I believe that what we were supposed to take away from this film about the American Dream was that the idea of having so many valuable objects was supposed to make you happy. This idea became a lot more popular during the time period it was released and even is still an idea today. As we see in Kane’s case, we see that this idea is not true at all. Even with his collections of statues and valuable items, Charles is not happy.  I believe he turned out the way he did in the end because he was taken away from his parents at a young age, when they were given a mine and became rich. He resented Thatcher for taking him away and he would always turn against him, by going to prestigious colleges and getting kicked out of them. I feel that he longed for that connection between his parents and his childhood, and that’s why the word “rosebud” is so important. It was the only object Charles Kane had that was connected to his childhood and parents. It reminded him of what he had always longed for since the beginning. After his first failed marriage, Kane married Susan because she was a normal person with a normal job. He wanted to live a normal life but he was thrown into riches and didn’t grow as the person he wanted to be. Unfortunately, he died alone in Xanadu with is collection of items that he collected all of his life, ending with his childhood sled being burned.

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