Readings on Transcendentalism

The main connection that we see between Thoreau’s and Emerson’s thoughts is that we can live a fulfilling life with nature. In Emerson’s work, he talks about how we can find this delight within ourselves or within the harmony of man and nature. We would be able to break the chains of society and become one with God. In Thoreau’s work, when we live within nature for a long period of time, we can disconnected from our society and live the life we were created to. Are lives would become more simplistic and we wouldn’t have to worry about the pressure of society. The main idea of the first portion of the excerpt, “Where I Lived and What I Lived For”,  is  the positive side of living within nature. We can create a new life that would be free and uncommitted unlike in society where we would fall into the fads that have been put in place for us to follow.  The main conclusion of the excerpt, “The Conclusion”, is the downside to living in a natural setting for so long. Thoreau stated that he had developed routines as time passed on and the life he was living became committed. The benefits of Thoreau’s experiment of leaving society behind is that people will be able to see how it has affect someone and benefits and downsides to what would happen abandoning your normal lifestyle. I would probably miss the people I would usually be surrounded by on a day-to-day basis. I feel that I would start to become lonely being out there by myself, just like Thoreau had done. Even though I would have that worry, I would be down to try this out sometime in my life. It has always been a dream for me to live out in the middle on the woods and not be surrounded by the hustle of the average lifestyle. I think that modern readers should take from this that its not necessary to have all the newest things. We live in a society surrounded with new technology and trends that everybody tries to follow. Transcendentalism teaches us that we don’t need everything to live a fulfilling life.

Some songs that I listened to when creating this blog:

  • Lavender Blood by Fox Academy
  • Horticulture by Maxx Marshalll
  • Wolves by Phosphorescent
  • Smother by Daughter
  • The Cold by OH!hello

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