I’m Going To Get Pummeled

For our debate, I had pulled the topic of free college tuition and I was assigned to take the con side. I don’t agree with the side I am assigned to, but I feel that I will have more information that could give me an advantage in my debate. Though in the past I have realized that sometimes it is easier to choose the opposing side because it could have more supporting evidence. I know that in the earlier days, people were able to go to community colleges without having to pay for them since a small percentage or students went. As the enrollment rate increased throughout the years, the states started making attendees pay for their tuition after the states’ funds slowed down from the sudden increase. The price for tuition increases higher and higher over the years to present day. The price has made it impossible for some students to even attend college because they can’t afford it. The only reason I know the origin of this topic prior to researching our debate topics is that one day I was curious since I heard about free college tuition during a congressional debate. When you search free community college tuition into Google, you get many results of why we should have free tuition in the states. There are some articles sprinkled here and there on why it would be hard to keep up with the free tuition. My logical approach would be to find statistics of graduation rates to show that money would be wasted due to young adults dropping out. An ethical issue regarding the topic would be that many taxpayer wouldn’t benefit from paying for the tuition. The emotions of anger and resentment can be brought into play since some of these taxpayers don’t want to pay for something that they’ll get no benefit from and that they might have not had the same opportunity that young adults do now. I am quite excited to do this debate, but I do get anxious easily when trying to speak in front of other. We’ll see what will happen when time comes.

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Discussion About College

One of the first ideas that came to mind to debate over is college education. I know there is a argument now and days that it’s not worth going to college anymore. One side believes that continuing your education in college is worth it while the other side believes you don’t have to further your education after high school. The pro college side’s main argument is that it broadens your career opportunities. There are only a select amount of jobs that you can get without or with a high school diploma. With getting an associate, bachelors, masters, and or a doctorate degree in your desired field, you are able to get an advanced understanding and a greater chance of excelling in you career of choice.  The con college side’s main argument is that it’s too expensive to extend your education and your able to still excel in your career without having to go. Many people are starting to use social media to gain fame and earn a living  off of sponsorships and ad revenue. Even though I do believe that there are many successful individuals who have risen to the top in social media, I believe that it’s still a good course of plan to go to college. It creates a secure future and you become more qualified for your field of study. Also college graduates, on average, earn a better pay than those who only completed high school.
The year 2019. The beginning of each year is supposed to be a fresh start to accomplish your resolutions. Yeah… that’s not how it works for me. At one in the morning on New Years Day I was shoving an unhealthy amount of Goldfish in my mouth while playing Overwatch and Rocket League for hours on end. Anyways, the beginning of the school year was actually better than I expected. I was pushing myself to do work since I had marching band and tennis going on at the same time, never having much time at home to complete it. I never had any issues with homework and I made sure to have them done early. I thought that maybe this year would not turn into the years before… HA. I have drifted down the same crappy pattern I have every year. I start losing motivation to do anything after the marching band and tennis season end. I often take naps when I get home from school since I’m exhausted and I wait till last minute to submit assignments. Though I do work well under pressure,  I want to try to change this. I get distracted quite easily so I have to lock myself in my room and become a hermit to be able to accomplish anything. The only thing that would prevent me from doing this would be my mother. She calls my name anytime I’m out of her sight for more than 30 seconds. I can never work on anything in peace because she constantly asks questions on what I’m doing every couple of minutes. I love her to death, but I would like some time to myself so I can complete my homework at a moderate pace in peace.