A Weight Off My Shoulders

It’s a relief to not have to write anymore poems for now. I would always be stressed if the rhythm was off or finding the right wording so I would have an easier time rhyming at the end of each verse. They way that I look at poetry hasn’t changed too much since the beginning of this lesson. Though is do enjoying reading them, it can be a pain to analyze some of the poems that are given. When given the requirements for our poems, it gave me a whole new respect for many of theses poets. Some of the rhyme and rhythm within these poems are so complex that I don’t understand why someone would put that stress upon themselves but they probably quite enjoy writing these complex works of literature. The way I approached the second poem that was different from my first poem was that I chose a topic that was easier for me to put into words. The first poem I struggled with the topic I choose and how I wanted the layout to set within the poem, and it just turned out terrible. The second time I chose a topic that was fresh in my mind that I was quite excited about, and it became a lot quicker to come up with ideas for the layout. And that topic was, of course, the Christmas season. For some reason when Christmas comes around it feels like this mood of warmth and comfort sets in even though I’m not fond of the shorter, darker days. It perks me up and distracts me from day-to-day stresses. I’m not sure why but it does. Anyways, I think imagery is an amazing thing to pair with poetry. It can help the reader visualize and interpret what is happening within the text or give them an idea of what they can comes up with themselves. I can help paint the story if the reader is struggling to find the deeper meaning within the poem itself. Another interesting thing would be to see illustrations from different artists to see how they have interpreted the work of poetry themselves.

The Pain and Agony of Writing Poems

I really love poetry. I do. It’s just the way that it was taught to us in eight grade kind of ruined it for me a bit. It became more of a burden than being enjoyable. Most of the poems that we read were very bland and many of them didn’t interest me. We did read a couple of Poe’s works, which weren’t bad, but I despised The Bells with a passion. I understand what the poem is trying to do, but when you teacher asks you to analysis each and every verse in it, you kind of get sick of it. I wish they could change the way poetry is taught to eight graders, because I believe that many of them would really enjoy it then instead of dreading reading them. The poem of Eldorado was one that I actually quite enjoyed. Most of Poe’s works are quite dark and depressing but the beginning of this oneĀ  was more hopeful for a change. I also really liked our discussion of the poem in class. When I first saw the Sound and Sense document I wasn’t too thrilled with doing another analysis of a poem since I’ve had a rough past with doing them. But when filling out the document, it actually helped me understand the poem a lot better than what I thought it to be at first. Finding a theme for my poem took me a really long time to think about. I really wanted to have an upbeat theme to it but there was nothing that could think that had that sort of mood. After being told that you should try to write about something you have experienced, I started to come up with new ideas. But the thing is none of them were still stuff that I was thrilled writing about. After a long time of just staring blankly into space, I finally came up with an idea that I was content with: Friendships. My poem mostly describes my past friendships that I have had; the good and the ugly. I hope that it conveys itself through the text and that I don’t butcher it too much.