Second Book of the Quarter

So originally I had wanted to read The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin, but as I got half way through I couldn’t find the motivation to read the rest of it since I could not get into the story. So I decided to pick a book that is the total opposite of my original  choice.  Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini. I really wanted to read this since I have already read Vizzini’s other book, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, and I really enjoyed it. Another reason why I was excited to read this was because of the musical based off the original book. I was wondering if there was going to be a difference between the original and the new musical’s story. I became obsessed with the music and the plot of the musical that I hoped that it would be similar to the original work of the book. Just like Vizzini’s other work, I had enjoyed reading this from beginning to end. During the start of the book, the story was set up the same way as the musical. Our main protagonist, Jeremy Heere, is a nerdy student struggling to stay alive within the school ranks. But as I got to the middle of the book, everything is completely different then the musical. In the book, Jeremy meets Rich at the school dance and learns about the Squip. He finds out about the dealer so him and his best friend Michael go on a hunt to buy it. In the musical, Rich is still the one to mention the Squip to him but the process is completely different. The biggest difference is the complete ending of both stories. In the book, the Squip ruins Jeremy’s chance with Christine and they write the Be More Chill book to hopefully make up for the Squips mistake. In the musical, the Squip ends up taking control of the whole drama club and Jeremy has to stop it before it takes more victims. The character that empathized with while reading would have to be Michael Mell. He has the same interests as Jeremy does but has a completely different personality. He is a caring friend who would drop anything he is doing to help out Jeremy when he is in need. Even though Jeremy uses him throughout the story and ends up ditching him, Michael comes back to help him no matter what. I really connected with that trait Michael has for caring for others even though they might not be in the best of spots. This is definitely another book that I would recommend for someone else to read. It’s a book about being your true self instead of trying to change yourself to fit in with everyone else.

First Book of the Quarter

For my first book of the quarter, I had chosen The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. I was inspired to read this book after finding out that the 1963 movie was based on this Gothic fiction. I was always into reading horror books by Stephen King and I would refuse to read any other authors’ works due to the fact that at a young age I only ever heard about Stephen King from my dad. I never really delved into many different authors and I would always stick to the same few. I heard about Shirley Jackson after my sister read The Lottery and she loved it. I became curious about the author and decided to find out more about her. Then I finally made the connection of The Haunting of Hill House movie with her 1893 novel. After also hearing about Netflix making a remake of it (which I finally got to finish and its amazing), I was convinced that I would have to read it after all to compare it with the film and show adaptations. After reading the whole work I have to say that it is probably one of my favorite books that I have ever read. Being a fan of Stephen King’s works, this was definitely a breath of fresh air compared to all of  stories I had read of his. Jackson twists the way standard Gothic novels are written with each and every member of the main cast in this book. One of the most interesting characters that differ from the standards would have to be Luke. Luke Sanderson is not the stereotypical Gothic hero that you would see in most books of this genre. He is a liar and a thief who is only at the Hill House due to his aunt wanting him to be away from her for a little bit so he doesn’t spend her whole wallet. In the end her does save Eleanor from falling to her death, but he can’t save her from herself and how the house has effected her. He could be considered the hero in the book but there are some things that he just couldn’t do to truly save the protagonist. When I started to read the book, I already had an idea of what to expect from it since I had watched the 1963 movie awhile back. Throughout the chapters, most of plot was still the same except for maybe some of the little things were adjusted for the movie.  A character that I had empathized with while reading the story was the protagonist, Eleanor Vance. When she got the invitation to go to the Hill House, she decided to go to celebrate her new founded freedom. But since she finally left the house, she still has some of her childlike characteristics due to cutting them off at a young age to focus on taking care of her mother. She worried about making a fool of herself or that the others wouldn’t like her,  which is something that I know too well. I feel that many young adults could feel the same connections with Eleanor too. I truly believe that others should read this Gothic novel. It’s a story that is completely different from any other horror book that I have read. The book takes twists the story a completely different way that you wouldn’t expect it to end up as. Also with the new Netflix series that had just came out, I feel that anyone who enjoyed it should definitely read the book to see the inspiration that helped create the show. It is a really quick read that will leave the reader on the edge to see what happens next.

A New Love Hate Relationship With Writing

Yeah, I had a hard time finding the motivational to write this short story. Even though I haven’t really changed the plot of the story, I had to shorten it down since I had originally put so much detail into it. At first the rough draft was longer than I expected but I was able to bring it down to five pages. Honestly I do not like how  my original story came out since I wanted to put so much more into it. Writing stories usually takes me awhile to write and think about how to word what I want to say so writing this story kind of put me out of my comfort zone. I think the things that I still like about the story is that I still have the same original characters that I had from the start. Other than that I’m not really happy how this short story came out to be.

So I finished Haunting of Hill House a couple days ago, and I have to say that it might be one of my favorite horror books in my collection. It’s different from the new modernized horror books and movies that you see today so it’s nice to have something with a new concept. For my second book I’m choosing The Fifth Seasom by N. K. Jemisin. My plan is to read the whole series of books over the course of the year since I’ll have a push to actually complete a whole book series. Rather than my first book Influensingy second choice of book, my short story actually was what made me decide to read is. Still I haven’t read much science fantasy in the last couple of years I feel like it might be fun to get back into it again. Hopefully I’ll enjoy the series as much as others have.