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Independent Reading 1: why

The first book I read for ‘AR’ was The Foxhole Court which was a really good book. I usually hate reading but this book I didn’t mind. For small-minded people like me, this book was very easy to understand and enjoy. I actually did not want to put this book down once I started reading….

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Not Again..

My short story didn’t actually change that much since I first got the idea. Some small details of my story changed but the main idea stayed the same. In the beginning, I wanted my story to be about a dead husband, and the wife was looking for him and that’s basically what mine is still…

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Bad Story Alert!

So my story is about a woman looking for her missing husband that’s actually dead. Eventually she kills herself after not finding him and they are finally reunited in the underworld. That’s basically it. I developed the idea as soon as I read the 6 word story line. The first part of the line, “I’m…

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Ok so I’m going to give you a little recap of what’s currently happening in the book so you’ll understand where I’m coming from. So Neil gets recruited to go play for an exy team at a different school. And this series is mostly (maybe not mostly but a lot) about these two schools that…

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‘I Put a Spell On You’ is stuck in my head

So, since reading The Devil and Tom Walker, I can’t stop wanting to watch Hocus Pocus even though it is not even October yet (this is unhealthy)!!! I really liked this short story but it made it feel like spooky season is upon us and the leaves haven’t even changed colors yet! At the beginning…

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After we talked about Aristotle’s Ethical¬†Imperative I started rethinking the end of the books and movies¬† I read to see if it was true and for the most part it was. All the movies/books I could think of made me feel the same at the beginning of them as I did in the end.¬† Another…

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image from This week… I’ll start by saying I was not prepared at all. It didn’t feel like summer even happened. The night before the first day was weirdly like an out of body experience. It didn’t feel real, even at the end of the first week it didn’t feel like I had to…

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Hello world!

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