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What is the difference between satire and humor…? Is satire just ironic humor? I still don’t understand. If yes, then I guess I experience satire everyday. I’m obviously very familiar with humor. I think I’m the most hilarious person ever if I’m being honest. humor I enjoy the most is self-deprecating humor, surreal humor, and improvisational humor. My brother and I reference a lot of funny tweets we see online which is our main humor platform (?) and no one understands what we’re talking about half the time. Whenever I make jokes with my friends at school they don’t find it funny, they just think I’m being weird…duds. An example of my type of humor is basically any tweet you pull from my timeline. The dumbest tweets truly crack me up. Currently the jokes making me laugh the hardest are the ones where people talk about the Earth dying and how we’re all gonna be cyborgs. Hilarious content. Another thing that always gets me is, of course, people getting injured. There was a video on twitter of a guy getting his legs run over in a hit and run and his leg was completely broken and twisted the opposite direction but he still tried to put his shoe back on. Comedy gold, I laughed for 20 minutes. I also use a lot of dry humor with my friends, I can be extremely sarcastic to the point where people don’t know if I’m even joking or not.

Regarding Mark Twain, I really don’t know anything about him other than the Huckleberry Finn book. And I don’t even know what that book is about so… But I do know that he’s a famous old white author so there’s that. I looked him up and he has Albert Einstein hair. His name makes me think of Shania Twain. I’d like to see how his writing compares to “You’re Still the One” or “That Don’t Impress Me Much” but we’ll see. The interesting thing about him is the autobiography thing you talked about in class. That was pretty sick. I also found out his actual name is Samuel Clemens so…not Mark Twain then?

Wouldn’t let me add a picture but here’s the pic I was going to put in:

• April 7, 2019

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