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Vertigo was awful

Vertigo might be one of the most bland films I’ve ever seen. The film was life changing, in a bad way. Having to sit through that film for the past week seriously decreased my quality of life. Initially, when you said you got up and left the class after this film ended, I expected it to be bad, but not this bad.

I feel absolutely nothing from this movie other than anger. I don’t even understand why we had to watch this movie. How does this tie into anything? I feel like there was no point to any of the plot. I didn’t like the acting, I didn’t like any of the characters, I didn’t like the dramatic music, and what was the moral…don’t pretend to kill yourself??? I pretty much despise every part of this film except for the clothing of the 1950’s (they were dressing).

I think the story line moved way too fast. It started with Gavin asking Scottie to follow around his wife because he thought she was possessed (literally what?) and Scottie seemed hesitant about it, but like 2 minutes later there’s a full montage of him following her around town. It was plain on top of plain. I feel like there needed to be more development of characters, I felt absolutely nothing watching these characters. I didn’t feel any connection between the Scottie and Madeleine therefore I don’t understand Scottie’s motives for anything in the film. I feel like they saw each other twice and decided they were in love. I need some kind of character development to make me feel something for the characters. To improve it for a modern audience, I would make it more risque and mysterious (Vertigo gave away answers way too easily, like I’m not an idiot).

Also, for this being a psychological thriller they really did a piss poor job at making me understand Scottie’s acrophobia. Like okay, he doesn’t like heights and the camera zooms in on the steps…anything else?

The end of this film really took me out. It seemed so terribly written it was almost laughable. It looked like the director didn’t know how to end the film so he just threw in a random nun and said “screw it”.

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20mfisher • March 25, 2019

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