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Civil Disobedience

Perhaps government would be better if it wasn’t as restrictive. If government governed less, I really don’t know how people would act. What would that even entail? Less enforcement? Less laws? Less punishment?… Maybe they would act better if they weren’t as controlled by the government and wouldn’t feel the need to rebel. But maybe some people would be even more reckless if they knew they could get away with it. I am very conflicted. The government makes laws, enforces them, and then punishes people when they don’t abide by said laws. It’s a cycle. It ensures that ever citizen is acting as they should…but people don’t do that anyone. It’s basically to scare citizens into being good people…clearly not very effective. Now that I think about it……maybe the government is to blame for citizens not behaving. The government must assume that human nature is evil and we would all act like heathens if we didn’t have it. But maybe, if we didn’t have a government, we wouldn’t behave based off greed and the hunger for power. Perhaps we could realize the more important things. But there’s always someone who wants power isn’t there? Thoreau wants a less controlling government and I think that’s what he thinks would warrant our respect. Now our government is demanding and controlling but if we had a looser government, I think that would get more respect from citizens. People do not like to be controlled, they like power which might be why a lot of people hate the government. I think civil disobedience today is to protest the government. I think it means that everyone should think for themselves and if the government is doing right or wrong. It is up to the citizens to challenge the government. I think it is still effective. A lot of the movements we have today are civil disobedience. Black Lives Matter movement, Women’s March, Immigration March, they’re all to protest the government policies because they are a piece of garbage. Thousands of people go to these events, they’re very effective in raising a voice to make change.

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20mfisher • February 8, 2019

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