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A Transcending Today

Transcendentalism sure is something… This stuff is really reminding of my psychology class and I’m tired. Thoreau and Emerson have some very similar ideas and views in these excerpt. Both of these excerpts include nature and realizing the importance of what the Earth is for. They both think nature should be incorporated into your life and that it helps you understand who you truly are. Thoreau realized he needed nature to really live because it gave him a sense of meaning. Nature was basically what he lived for. Both Emerson and Thoreau simplified their existence and relied on nature. In Thoreau’s “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For” he expresses his need to separate himself from society and set his own standards and be his own person. The first part of the excerpt was explaining what he needed and why he lived off nature. He wants us to push ourselves and be as good as we can, ignoring what society wants from you. Thoreau thinks society is damaging to us. He doesn’t want us to conform to the greed and routine that society breeds. The main point of “The Conclusion” was to explain how nature benefited him. He realized just how detrimental society was to his own self and he was glad he removed himself from it. He realized how deep-rooted conformity was. He doesn’t like how society always forces people to constantly succeed and if you don’t you are falling behind. He thinks life should be about what satisfies you and makes you happy. He encouraged the reader not to depend on material things for happiness. He wants people to become satisfied with themselves, by themselves. I don’t think I would be able to do this experiment. As I am, I already feel disconnected and lonely without communicating with anyone. Even over the weekend I miss my friends. It would be interesting to try though. Maybe I’ll just try not to use social media instead. I think the most important thing the reader should take out of this is that society can be rotten. Society gives us consistency and material things we want but we will not truly know happiness until we find it without society. People should not rely on instant gratification and we should be encouraged by intrinsic motivation to be good.

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20mfisher • February 7, 2019

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