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My opinions has not really changed over the course of the unit.  If anything, I like debating even less than I did before. I avoid confrontation like the plague, I despise fighting and think it doesn’t solve anything. Neither side changes their opinion on the issue so whats the point of arguing about it? Arguing formally is not effective for me because I don’t even listen to what the other person is really saying I just wait for them to make a mistake. If I feel strongly about a topic I get really frustrated and don’t even want to consider the other side. The way I argue is just trying to pull up a bunch of facts but then my emotions get in the way anyway so… I bounced my ideas off some of my friends and we constructed our arguments pretty similarly.  I tried to take the logical side of my argument because the emotional side is pretty opinionated and it’s hard to change someone else’s opinion, especially with abortion. Kailey and I have been disputing abortion since 8th grade so… I’m not gonna change her opinion and she’s not changing mine. Abortion is more an issue of values and what you think is right and it is very hard to persuade someone to reconsider their values. Any time I hear adults arguing, they sound very condescending it irks me. Whenever I argue with my mom, she’s very straightforward and has a very ‘this is how it is, like it’ take on things. When my mom and father are arguing with each other they scream a lot. They also start to mock each other and call each other names until one of them leaves the room so… I develop valid arguments in my head after getting into an argument. Like in the heat of an argument, I just scream things and threaten the other person, but afterwards when I’m in my bed upset about it, I think of something I could say to them that would have stumped them. Sigh… Since we didn’t actually argue, I don’t know what Kailey would’ve said but it probably wouldn’t change my mind anyway.


20mfisher • February 5, 2019

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