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My debate topic is abortion. Woo! (sarcasm) For this I am pro-abortion, which is my position on this issue anyway. I’ll be honest, I’m tired of this debate. We’ve been debating this issue since 8th grade and I’m over it. I already know everyone’s thoughts on it so what’s the point of debating? Anyway, I did a project on this in 8th grade so that’s where I got most of my prior information from. My view is more so based on the feminism approach thus far but I’m going to make my argument more fact based so it’s harder to dispute. Common arguments I’m probably going to have to dispute include ‘abortion is murder’ ‘put the child up for adoption instead of aborting it’ and ‘if a woman is willing to have sex then she should be able to take on the responsibility of having children’ which I’ve already thought of arguments for all of them so I’m pretty set. A basic Google search supplies me with a ton of articles about it because it is such a controversial topic. Logically, one approach would be that unwanted pregnancies have a greater chance of the child ending up in poverty or exposed to violence. Ethically, one approach would be, women should be able to do what they decide is best for themselves. Emotions like guilt and depression are always brought up when dealing with abortion. It’s most likely that women who get abortions will go through mental health issues caused by guilt and depression. Women don’t wantΒ to have to get abortions so it obviously can cause psychological damage. I think I’m pretty ready for this debate, I still have some more research to do but I think I’m in a good position. I hope my opponent doesn’t bring religion into this argument because I feel like that is unethical. I have thought of rebuttals for many arguments but I just hope my own thoughts don’t get in the way. I don’t like debating because I usually get frustrated, emotional, anxious and sputter out nonsense but if I don’t do that I think I can win.



20mfisher • January 14, 2019

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