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There are…no words

Not that I want to debate, because I don’t, but I think abortion would be a good topic to debate. There’s easily two sides- for it or against it (basically). One side would argue for women’s rights to have abortion the other side would argue that we should protect the baby, blah blah blah… The side for it, believes women should have the right to do what they decide for their body (they’re right!) and the other side argues that women shouldn’t be allowed to get abortions because it’s ‘murder’. If you couldn’t tell I am pro-choice and think women should be able to do what they decide is good for them.

So far my school year has gone pretty great. I wish some of my grades were higher (*cough* psych) but I’m not upset over them. I still absolutely love my schedule and it makes my school days go so fast for some reason. First and second period go by in what feels like 10 minutes and by the time psych is over it feels like the day is over. One thing I would change is my lunch because I only have two people in nine lunch that I actually will talk to so…there’s nothing I can really do about it though. I guess if I wanted to change something it would be to do better on my psych tests. I don’t study for them and I really should but the chapters are so long that I have no motivation to do so. I could study a little bit every night if I really wanted to do good on a test. I could review my packet, notes, and flashcards to study. The only thing stopping me from making this change is my lack of motivation and self-drive. As soon as I get home I want to sleep,the thought of doing work right after school makes me want to throw up. So when I go home I lay in bed and get on Twitter and don’t move the rest of the night (until like 9pm) so that’s why I don’t study.


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20mfisher • January 2, 2019

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