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So, I failed. I kinda tried to follow Franklin’s virtues but not too strictly, if Benjamin Franklin couldn’t follow his own virtues I shouldn’t have to either… The virtues that were hardest to follow were: sincerity, silence, and temperance. I talk so much about random nonsense. My parents say I talk just to hear my own voice and that might be true. I don’t go out of my way to be mean to people but I will be honest about how I feel and if you call that mean oh well. Temperance was hard because when I’m bored I eat so I snack constantly because I’m always bored. Anyway… I also had trouble with order. My room is a complete mess I have a huge pile of clothes and a big pile of empty water bottles. I don’t have anything to keep a schedule of really. I go to school, go home, eat, watch Netflix, and sleep (not always in that order). So there’s not really a schedule to follow. I haven’t really followed the virtue I made up either, compassion, I haven’t really demonstrated any acts of selflessness. One virtue I did follow was resolution. At the beginning of the week, I said I was gonna do festive makeup  everyday and I have done that so I’ll pat myself on the back. I’ve stayed pretty clean (me not my room), except Saturday because I didn’t want to peel myself out of bed to shower. I also followed authenticity. I was true to myself and did my makeup how I wanted and wore what I wanted despite what people think. I’ve stayed pretty tranquil. I tried not to work myself up which is hard when you have anxiety but I didn’t have any freak outs this week, I stayed fairly stress free except on Sunday night because I was worried about coming to school on Monday (I always am). I also followed humility. I never have confidence so it wasn’t hard to not be cocky. Every time someone compliments me I stay very humble and shy. Frugality was also pretty easy to follow because I’m poor. Okay this was very self-deprecating bye.


20mfisher • December 19, 2018

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