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Enough πŸ˜’

At first, I thought “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was about Christmas because of the building of the models, the trees, and the train on the tracks references, but it it’s actually more depressing than I thought. I also like the fact that the beginning and end of the poem have a stanzaic form but the middle is free verse, it’s like the author is going off the rails (ha, pun) but then finds the track again. I think the theme of ‘The Dodo’s Conundrum’ is not being able to figure why you’re failing no matter what you do. Um relatable. The author does a good job of representing this theme through metaphors like the little people being set up in models. It’s like the author is trying to control his life but he can’t. I would assume the author was going through some bad stuff in his life to write this.Β  What I don’t understand about this poem was the second stanza. I don’t understand the allusions or some the metaphors, I completely skipped that stanza when I reread it because it confused me so much. Also, what does the siren stand for?Β The speaker mentions it twice in two different forms so I’m assuming it means something deeper than I think. And what role does the alliteration play? Was it just there because the author wanted to sound fancy? I don’t get it. It’s just a bunch of words starting with ‘I’ forming an incoherent sentence. These questions were easier for me to understand because I understood the concept of this poem more than ‘Eldorado’. I still don’t really understand ‘Eldorado’… Writing poetry made me realize how difficult poets make their poems for no reason. My poems were so straightforward it was ridiculous. Some poets use way too many metaphors and then I don’t understand the poem (literally ‘Eldorado’)! I wish some poets were as direct as me jeez. Analyzing this poem was okay. I like the metaphors in the beginning with the models and trains and how they relate to the theme. That was cool.


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20mfisher • December 2, 2018

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