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Part 1:

When we began poetry I wasn’t excited. I didn’t want to read, write or analyze any poems at all. Since then, my views on poetry have kind of changed…a lot. I don’t hate reading poetry (most) and I don’t mind writing it, shockingly enough. Maybe its because we haven’t read a poem in a bit that I’m saying this: but poetry isn’t that bad. I prefer the poetry unit way more than the short story unit (now that was rough). Writing with requirements didn’t change my views on other poems but it did on mine. I’d rather write with requirements than without. I like following guidelines when writing, it gives me a good starting place. If I didn’t have that it would be a big, free verse mess. My second poem is like my first poem on crack. It’s deeper and cheesier than my first (somehow).  The second poem was harder to write because I didn’t want to come across as corny again but I failed anyway. Both poems were fairly easy for me to write. It took me probably less than an hour to write each poem. I’m assuming I liked writing these poems because they are about a person I love. Both my poems are about Harry Styles (of course)- my love for him, I hardly even exaggerated in those poems. I look up to and admire him so much and he consumes most of my time so I wrote about him because I think about him constantly anyway.

Part 2:

I used more imagery in my second poem, comparing Harry to the stars, art, summertime, etc so I don’t think it would be too hard to find images to match that and give off the same feel of the poem. It would visually help the read understand how I truly see Harry by comparing him to beautiful images. Adding images with a bright color or setting would make the line or stanza seem bright and happy whereas adding a dark or black and white picture could add a heaviness to the poem and make it seem sad.

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20mfisher • November 27, 2018

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