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Poetry? I don’t know her!

Poetry isn’t that bad. When we talk about doing poetry I always dread it but then when we actually do it, I usually kind of like it. The worst things about poetry are learning about stanza form and having to write poems. I did not like writing poetry at the beginning of this lesson and I still don’t. The poem I read for the assignment we did was a really good poem and I would read more from that author (Charles Bukowski) and not just because Harry Styles is a fan of him. I like how he writes. Surprisingly I want to read more poetry and analyze it. Or I want to look through your poetry books and do blogs about them but I want to read poems that I choose not ones that we read just because they’re classics. I wish we read more poems in class because so far we’ve only read “The Raven” and “Eldorado” (I think, that’s all I can remember at least) which hasn’t given me a very good view on what I like and don’t like. I did like “The Raven” because I read it before and analyzed it so I understood it.

I really don’t like Eldorado, it was stupid to me. There was too much symbolism and it was hard to understand. Even after the analysis discussion I still don’t like it. There wasn’t a clear story line to me and I couldn’t imagine it in my head.

For my poem I am writing about Harry Styles. When you told us to pick a topic for our poem, writing about Harry was the most obvious choice for me. He is my favorite person in the entire world, I would die for him if he needed me to. I love him more than my friends, pets, and even family. My poem is about some of my favorite things about Harry (16 lines is certainly not enough) like his personality, tattoos, and heart. Half of the poem is about the surface things I love about him like his tattoos and eyes and the other half is about his personality and all that jazz.

(I tried to add a picture but it wouldn’t let me…sorry)

20mfisher • November 12, 2018

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