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Independent Reading 2: sigh

The second book I read for ‘AR’ was The Raven King by Nora Sakavic. This book is the sequel to the last book I read (the one my other blog is about) which are both part of the Foxhole Court trilogy. I LOVED this book. Surprisingly enough I think the sequel might be better than the first but which usually never holds true. I really like the author of this trilogy, she makes her books so interesting yet straightforward. It’s kind of an ‘easy read’ but it’s still very good. This book might have been more intense than the first book considering there was definitely more plot twists in this book than the last one and more foreshadowing for the final book in the series which I can not wait to read. The biggest and best part of this book was Andrew’s character development. I don’t know if it’s just because we know more about him in this book but he has quickly become my favorite character in this entire series. In the first book Andrew was a major ass (pardon my word choice, but jerk was just not strong enough) but in the second book we learn more about him and I now have so much sympathy for him. The plot of this book revolved around Andrew’s backstory which we find out through him sharing with Neil. Not only was I happy to get more Andrew and Neil content but we also got some really interesting and gruesome stories from Andrew. Andrew’s stories center around his childhood which is a touchy subject considering he grew up in an abusive foster home. He shared multiple stores with Neil about him being raped in his foster homes throughout the years which kind of explains why Andrew acts the way he does. I liked this book so much because it teaches a good lesson about actually looking inside a person before judging them. What also made this book so good was Andrew and Neil’s relationship finally growing. I actually like how the author didn’t just give us their relationship full fledged and made the reader wait for it. It was a frustratingly, slow burn with a lot of angst. Neil helps Andrew through his childhood memories and it brings them closer as a couple. Another interesting part of this book is when we find out Neil actually lied to Andrew in the first book to get his help. It made me trust Neil’s character less. A part that made this book so good was when Aaron (Andrew’s brother) beat one of his rapists to death. It was so good to see Andrew get his well deserved justice after going through that trauma when he was growing up. It showed another good lesson to the readers.  The reason I read this book is because I enjoyed the first one so much and needed to know what happened to the characters. The first book leads right into the second book so I couldn’t just not read it. The book just kept getting better and better as I read it. The plot thickened and the character’s developed. I recommend this entire series (even if I haven’t finished it yet) to anyone (except the homophobes). I think everyone can find parts of this book amazing and they should give it a try even if they don’t end up loving it. Andrew is very depressed during most of this book which I know can be a touchy subject but it’s also one many teenagers can relate to and maybe connect to his character more through that.

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20mfisher • October 31, 2018

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