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Independent Reading 1: why

The first book I read for ‘AR’ was The Foxhole Court which was a really good book. I usually hate reading but this book I didn’t mind. For small-minded people like me, this book was very easy to understand and enjoy. I actually did not want to put this book down once I started reading. Parts of this book are pretty intense and keeps you on the edge of your seat. What really made me like this book was Neil (the main character) joining the Foxes (a team at his school). To me, it was the most interesting part of the book and made it so interesting. Neil wasn’t fully excepted into the team throughout most of the book, being the weird, new kid, but by the end he felt more accepted. The author somehow did that in a way that didn’t feel too cliche or fanfiction-y (which I’ve definitely experienced before). Another part of the book that made it so good was Riko’s back story, even though he was the bad guy, he still did good things that actually saved Neil and Andrew in the long run even though it did hurt them at first. Riko killing Seth was one of my favorite parts of the book despite how morbid that sounds. I also like how the author gives us Neil’s backstory. She gives us bits of information throughout the story instead of just one chapter about his life. I liked it a lot, it was like a puzzle. One thing I did not like about this book was the coupling of Andrew and Neil. They are the main love interest yet they hardly have any scenes together. I wish the author gave them more of a story line. I do like how unorthodox the pair was, it was unexpected for them to be together considering how much they disliked each other at first. I read this book because my brother has been recommending it to me for years. He first started asking me to read this book in like the summer of 2015 but I just straight up didn’t want to read it because we had to read other books for school at the time which I was occupied with. But this year, since we were not really doing anything I decided to give it a chance. He hyped the book up so much saying how it was one of his favorite books ever. The only reason he read it is because the main love interest is gay and so is my brother (he tries to find new gay books all the time so if you know any, let me know). I didn’t think I would like the book as much as I did. I thought it was going to be one of those books you read through quickly and hardly understand but that wasn’t the case. The book being easy to comprehend made it so much more enjoyable to me. I cannot stand books that makes things so much more complicated then they have to be. I liked it much more at the end of the book then I did at the beginning. During the book I really let myself enjoy rather than force myself to read it. I do highly recommend this book to pretty much anyone my age. I don’t know how to describe the genre of the book, it’s like adult contemporary and romance and sports (which I normally wouldn’t like but this is just the right amount to where it is enjoyable). So if you like any of those genres you should definitely read it.


20mfisher • October 31, 2018

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