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Not Again..

My short story didn’t actually change that much since I first got the idea. Some small details of my story changed but the main idea stayed the same. In the beginning, I wanted my story to be about a dead husband, and the wife was looking for him and that’s basically what mine is still about. My milieu probably changed the most, it was originally¬†supposed to be about people being scared of the undead but then I couldn’t execute that so I tried to make it about Victorian morality (keyword: tried). My minor characters developed more since the start of this process (considering I didn’t have any at the beginning). Before, the grandmother in my story wasn’t necessary and she didn’t have any real effect, but in the final copy, I made her the ‘wise old man’ stereotype. I mainly just changed her because I needed a minor character, other than the supermarket guy, but I actually really like her character now. My rough draft is a lot less detailed than the final draft, I rushed the end of my rough draft because I just wanted it to be done and not like 8 pages long, but for my final draft, I made it more descriptive. I like my story I guess, I really like my characters, or at least Gwen. I still wish I had gone more in-depth into Gwen’s thoughts¬†before she killed herself but I didn’t want to make my story too depressing.

Book 1 was pretty good. The ending was good but kind of predictable. It didn’t really feel complete but I was expecting that because there are two other books in that series. For my second book, I will probably read the second book in that series, or if I’m allowed to (hint hint) I want to read some aura reading books or some books about witchcraft that my gram gave me.

20mfisher • October 8, 2018

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