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Bad Story Alert!

So my story is about a woman looking for her missing husband that’s actually dead. Eventually she kills herself after not finding him and they are finally reunited in the underworld. That’s basically it. I developed the idea as soon as I read the 6 word story line. The first part of the line, “I’m dead…” well like how are they talking if they’re dead -boom- he’s in the underworld. The second part, “…I’ve missed you…” they’re reuniting, it’s cute, -boom- she’s been looking for him. And the last part “…kiss,” they’re in love (so sweet I know). So that’s where the bones came from and I just developed things from there. Also, as soon as I read the line I thought of the characters from Corpse Bride (but the opposite, like ‘Corpse Husband’) and although I haven’t seen the movie yet, I imagine how they act base of how they look kind of if that makes sense. Like the girl looks really mopey and sad (probably because of her eyes). And the guy also looks like that but the suit makes me think he’s more romantic and sweet for some reason. I don’t really know that’s just how I imagine them. I wanted the 6 word line to be at the end of the story because it’s like a sigh of relief when they finally get back together. The girl is finally going to feel like she has her head above water. The activities we did in class forced me to actually plot my story before I start writing which I normally don’t do. Usually if I’m writing a story I’ll get a basic idea and let that lead me. But since we had to literally plot out our story, I had to really think about what I wanted it to be. In detail. It’ll be easier to write the story but I know my story is going to end up being nowhere near the things I wrote down on those papers. In the past, teachers didn’t make us go this in depth with the plot before writing so it was definitely new.  I did really like the character development questions. I liked that we got to create a personality for our character, I’ve never done that before it was cool!

20mfisher • September 28, 2018

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