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Ok so I’m going to give you a little recap of what’s currently happening in the book so you’ll understand where I’m coming from. So Neil gets recruited to go play for an exy team at a different school. And this series is mostly (maybe not mostly but a lot) about these two schools that are rivaling each other. Exy is a made up sport, I don’t really understand it, it sounds like a cross between lacrosse and quidditch (but without the flying)??? I don’t really know either. But Neil goes to play for a team called the Foxes. First of all, Neil is sounds really shady throughout most of this book. I kind of wish it was in first person instead of third so I could see into Neil’s head but whatever. Neil has like a hidden identity, I don’t really understand his character. He was abused at home by his father, who’s now in prison and his mother was awful as well. But anyway, he shows up to his new school in contacts and dyed hair which I don’t get. His dad is in jail, who’s he hiding from. I digress. He meets Andrew, my favorite character in this book. He’s Neil’s love interest (yeah gay) he is also very shady and mean (also they’re both so short its funny, Neil is like 5’4 and Andrews like 5’2). He’s on the same team as Neil but he hates everyone on it and he beats Neil up multiple times for no reason, at one point he takes Neil to a nightclub and drugs him. I really like his character, he’s really interesting. He’s on a lot of medication but he hates taking it. The exy coach doesn’t make him take the pills which is actually the only reason he even plays. The only thing I don’t like about this book so far is how little Neil and Andrew interact. The first time Andrew and Neil meet is when Andrew trips Neil at practice and beats him up for no reason (yeah he’s whack) but they have many ‘scenes’ together even though they’re the main couple. I really hope this isn’t one of those books where they don’t get together until the end. One thing I’m looking forward at the end of this book is the huge match they’re playing against their rivals, the Ravens. They’ve played them a couple times already in this book and I bet the final match is the climax.

20mfisher • September 17, 2018

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