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After we talked about Aristotle’s Ethical Imperative I started rethinking the end of the books and movies  I read to see if it was true and for the most part it was. All the movies/books I could think of made me feel the same at the beginning of them as I did in the end.  Another thing I now pay attention to is the importance of minor characters. In my favorite movie, I didn’t even realize the protagonist’s best friend didn’t really add anything to the plot other than giving the protagonist a little advice in the beginning. I also realized that she was a caricature of ‘the funny friend’. She acted very over the top and a bit crazy sometimes. Another thing I now pay attention to is the milieu and how important it is to the story. In most of the stories we had to read for school the milieu was so obvious. But for the stories I read at home, the milieu was not too prominent, it was harder to find.

These didn’t really change the way I look at my favorite movies or books, I still love them, now I just know a bit more about them. I think the difference between observing a story and being an active participant as the audience is that when you’re observing a story you are just reading and understanding the plot. When you’re an active participant I think you understand the story and then you apply it to your own life. You see how it affects you or what you would do. I’m mostly the second one. It helps me better understand the characters when I put myself in their shoes. To make the transition just pay more attention to the story, read more into it, don’t let it just be a surface story.

Week two has been worse than week one. I am getting back into the flow of everything, but with that comes notes and homework. I think the school year gets progressively worse until June. The work just piles and piles until I have a mental breakdown in May. Can’t wait!

20mfisher • September 4, 2018

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