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This week… I’ll start by saying I was not prepared at all. It didn’t feel like summer even happened. The night before the first day was weirdly like an out of body experience. It didn’t feel real, even at the end of the first week it didn’t feel like I had to go back and do it again the next week. So the first week wasn’t bad at all. It was actually my favorite first week of school ever [this is 100% not sarcasm (really it’s not)]. I wasn’t prepared in that I didn’t have any of my school work done until the night before, but that’s how every year is. I really like my schedule, it’s ideal, I like the order of all my classes. I also like that my homeroom is the same place as my first period, that’s cool I guess. The only thing I don’t like about my schedule is that I have nine lunch. There wasn’t really anything bad about the first week, I was just really nervous as always, but on the first day this year I wasn’t as nervous as I usually am so I was very happy about that. There was nothing ‘ugly’ either (especially) not me. I was really happy to see all my friends that I didn’t see all summer because they avoided me so that was good. I really liked that I didn’t have to sit at home and do nothing all day, getting away from my family was so relieving. Classes I think I’ll enjoy hmm. I think I’ll enjoy psych a lot, it’s already really interesting. I also am pretty excited for American Cultures mostly because all of my friends are in that class and it’s a pretty small class so yeah. I expect to do very bad in pre-calculus. I heard it was very hard and even though I really like math, I don’t think I’ll do well. I’m pretty optimistic about all my other classes, well pre-calc too but we’ll see. I’m kinda excited for football games I guess (I will probably end up going to one game and hate it). I don’t plan on going to any dances this year because the last ones I went to sucked, but maybe I’ll go out to eat with my friends on that night. I think that’s all.

20mfisher • August 27, 2018

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