I thought that for its time this movie was an absolute masterpiece. The cinematography it used was really eye-catching and purposeful which added to the story so much. I didn’t really know what Citizen Kane was all about until we discussed and watched it in class. I guess in my mind citizen Kane was some super long-winded and boring movie about a detective case. You know like how a lot of the shows on the BBC are filled with very long conversations that can be super hard to follow. I was totally wrong though. The emotion in this film portrayed by the actors was pretty amazing and the storyline was very interesting. It was truly a believable story as well. I feel like the whole rosebud thing was the one big thing that bothered me. It felt like a lot of the story didn’t need to be told to know that he missed his childhood the most when he died. So even though I understand the idea that the directors had, it felt like the story was not connected or important enough to the conclusion of the movie. The story was so good though that that did not really bother me all that much.

This film tells the real truth about the American dream. It’s not really “the dream” that everyone says it is. Material wealth will never make you happy. It is the moments with loved ones and the fond memories that make us happy. That is why no matter what, Kane would never be happy. He was ripped away from a fond childhood and had to grow up around cold businessmen who only cared about making money. Also, it seems like Kane is under the impression that he can only rely on himself. Because of this, many times in his life he only does things for himself. He seems to have some sort of complex that he is the most important piece in fixing everything that is wrong with the world. Or maybe he feels by fixing everything he will find happiness. Regardless, being torn from his young carefree life just created Kane’s butterfly effect of unhappiness.

Kane’s first wife did not understand why Kane spent so much time working on his honest newspaper and running for office. She felt that he only spent so little time with her because he was selfish. She holds almost everything against him and towards the end of their marriage, she barely talks to him. The lack of support and general unhappiness that comes from this marriage only gave Kane more stress and sadness with his life. When his wife and child are killed in an automobile accident, that probably just makes things even worse (though they don’t really mention it in the film). For the most part, the second marriage was more about proving a point to everyone that Susan was truly a real singer and a valid woman for him to associate with. Since they weren’t really in love and Kane makes her sing, Susan feels underappreciated. When she leaves him he really loses it. At that point in their marriage, Susan had become more of one of Kane’s possessions than his wife. Kane’s closest associate Leeland makes Kane question his reasoning for what he does and points out a lot of Kane’s flaws which only really seems to elevate Kane’s corruption or make him feel more lost.

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