So as I expected I failed at this virtues project epically. Literally the day I started keeping track a broke industry, order, patience, and resolution. Mostly because I procrastinate and am unorganized literally every day. In my head sincerity was broken a lot. I feel like judging other people is just like an automatic thing everyone does and it’s kinda hard not to. I will say though that when I felt the judgment coming on I tried to compliment that person in another way which helped me think about them in a better light. Also, I had some arguments with my parents and siblings that definitely were not in line with sincerity or humility but I gotta speak my mind sometimes. Over the weekend industry and frugality were both broken. I spent too much money on food I didn’t really need and I just decided to be lazy instead of doing homework on Sunday which lead to me staying up super late Sunday night to get things done. Then the past couple of days I’ve been pretty lazy. I don’t know if it is that Christmas is next week or what but I literally have no motivation to get anything done. Both Monday and Tuesday I just read a book that I literally can’t put down (Heir of Fire)  instead of cleaning my room or working out (therefore failing on the whole healthy body healthy life thing). Patience is just an all-around hard virtue to have when you live in a house with four siblings but I have to say I did better than I thought I would and I think only messed up on this one like twice. Love yourself was hard to follow through with pretty much when I realized how terrible I was doing at this whole virtues project thing but hey I guess I recognize that there are habits that I need to change if I want to be more happy with who I am. I did do dishes Tuesday though so there is that. Also, I found my planner which is good because I can now be somewhat more organized and remind myself of the things I need to do but probably will not end up doing. One good thing I did do was follow through on my goal of practicing piano every day (including the weekend) for a half hour because I have a recital coming up. The rest of the virtues:  cleanliness, justice, chastity, temperance, and moderation were kept. 

Analysis of a Dodo

When I first read “The Dodo’s Conundrum” my eyes hurt. There were literally so many different types of stanza forms and rhymes and everything else and to be honest my brain was not ready to figure all that out again. The theme also felt extremely confusing. Each stanza honestly felt like it could be its own separate poem. I wasn’t really sure if that was on purpose and the eventual process of connecting all of the stanzas into one big theme felt like a daunting task. The theme seemed like it was about how depressing life was but also not. I knew I really had to dig a lot deeper if I actually wanted to understand the poem. My questions: Is the author reflecting on his own life or someone else or everyone in general? Is the author implying that those people in the model town may be living lives of secret desperation or is he saying that comparative to the model train world we in reality live lives of secret desperation? How much significance is the model train world really? What are all the forms of poetry used in this because I am actually not completely sure yet?

The sound and sense questions were definitely harder to answer. Mostly a lot of the figurative language was way less noticeable and there were A LOT of stanza forms to recognize. If we hadn’t been able to work on it as a group I really doubt I would have been able to get through the questions. I’d have to say for this particular poem my writing of poetry didn’t seem to help all that much. I really don’t feel like I am a pro at this even then we wrote two poems. But lets be real two poems is definitely not enough to actually have a good hold on poetry. I mean I am NOT saying we should write more poetry though, I think we filled the high school English quota for the year. Last but not least I am going to be honest, I was really shocked when I found out the you/McGarry wrote the poem. That seemed to make everything about the poem even more confusing.