We are all through writing poetry (for now)

Writing poetry in a time crunch is really a painstaking process. It takes a lot to force yourself to truly think about what you want to say and make it as good as possible. My first poem I opted to do something easy for me to talk about. My dogs. I felt that I knew what I wanted to say so that’s what I did and a lot of it flowed very well and wasn’t that hard to think of. My second poem not so much. I chose to write about music relating to moments in life. I did this because I think that when you look as many songs, people use musical moments and notation to express the moment that they sing/play about. As a listener this colors the music so that we can feel the significance of the event and really understand where the artist was going with it. As I tried to relate events in music to events in life, I realized that while I could come up with examples I was having a really hard time making it rhyme and flow like I wanted it to. I think after all this I have more of an appreciation for poetry but I feel like I still have a lot of work to do if I still wanted to hone my craft. Poets themselves either must have a gift in which they can easily think up words and smooth them out into the art which is poetry or the have been practicing it for so long that they are starting to become somewhat of polished professionals. Honestly I really hated marking things up in poems the most though. While I see why it is nessecsry it kinda get like it took all the fun out of it.

To present my second poem I could make show those moments in life as a time line for building up such as with crescendos and then other moments such as the rests of life as smaller quieter more simplistic pictures. Or maybe I could even picture the moments within the symbols of what I relate the moments to.

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