The Bassoon King

Reading this book just proved further to me the amazingness of Rainn Wilson. It gave him depth and character and it was awesome to learn about his personal experience.  writing this book was a gift to the world. He gives GENUINE advice that I will remember and use in my own life.

Honestly, when I decided to read the book I didn’t really know what to expect. Obviously, some humor because he is a comedian, but other than that the only person I knew Rainn to be was Dwight. He is, in fact, a very witty person with a lot of good wisdom especially for those who want to make it in the acting field. Some of my favorite parts of the book were when he talked about his breakthroughs on his road to becoming an actor. One example which was kinda cheesy was that he went to go see A Chorus Line in theaters and despite it being a terrible movie, he broke down and cried. The movie, he says, is about a bunch of people who really want to make it big and they sing a lot about it. This struck a chord with him and really helped him realize how much he wanted to be an actor. The way he wrote about these events was somewhat dramatic but that is what made them entertaining and have a lasting impact.


I really love that in the book Rainn is honest about what it takes to make it. I feel like a lot of times when a famous person’s story is told it is sugar coded. Rainn’s seems much less so. He talks about all of his experiences making it big, good and bad.  He had to go through lots of training, living in not the best places, and doing different odd jobs just to make it to where he is today. For instance, he had to live with rats in an abandoned brewery in Brooklyn. This gives insight and inspiration to anyone reading but especially those who are considering becoming an actor. As I struggle to decide whether I want to make a career out of my musical talents and whether it is worth the risk of investing in a good music school, this is a story that I can take into consideration. Rainn put it all in and chose to take whatever risks there are and that worked out for him. I guess what is hard is that he is telling it from a perspective of making it. A lot more people don’t make it than do. Realistically my chances are super slim so I am probably not going to try and make it as just a performer  (I’ll probably end up teaching) but while I was reading this I almost reconsidered. It just goes to show that this book is inspiring.


Rainn comes from a really interesting background. He was (and he actually says this in the book) a nerd. Like a classic dungeons and dragons playing, nerd. I thought that that aspect of his life must have really helped him to portray who he was in the office. As Dwight, he must have had to go back in time to what he was like as a kid. Rainn tells of his gradual transformation from nerd all the way to quirky actor throughout his book. When he moves he decides to change his whole style. He becomes somewhat of a rocker type and he expresses that all the girls kind of dig it. I liked hearing what it was like for this geeky high school age guy. I think it kind of helped me understand that perspective better. It was really cool also how he could describe his life events with a lot of zest (if that’s the right word). He made them seem like an adventure.


I would really recommend this book for all these reasons ^^^ and lots more.

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