writing my short story

When I started my short story it was truly just an idea. To be honest it wasn’t very original either. 80% of at the start was pretty much the same as what the six words I picked were. Someone fails the SAT-They are actually really smart and invent something. Through our different assignments that forced us to create structure for our stories, I was able to make an actual short story with much more interesting content. Now it feels like less of a statement piece on why SATs are bad and more of story about someone’s life struggle to get through school. I really tried to understand better people with anxiety and how that could affect their day to day. While it isn’t really the story that I wanted to write, it’s what I came up with and it’s not too bad. Part of me feels that maybe it stems from my worries about life and how they affect me. Or maybe it is also a way for me to understand better the people in my life that struggle with the same is problems.


As a side note because I felt like I didn’t know where to fit this in: One thing that has bothered me about the process of writing it has been how rushed I have felt. I mean I understand it can’t take all year, but I just wish I was less busy and I could have put more of my time into writing it. As always I procrastinated.

Though I am not finished with my first book-but I am very close-I think I have decided that I want to read a sci-fi book. I want to read a classic because I feel like I have mostly read sci-fi books that were written recently. I’m sort of leaning towards Brave New World.