The Bassoon King

After seeing Rainn Wilson¬†on The Office countless times I am so happy to be reading his book and learning about how he became who he is today. The book is written in a very casual tone. It almost feels like he is just having a conversation with you about himself and giving life advice along the way. I’ve actually gained a lot of respect for the guy and wish I could in some way have him mentor me for a day. Reading the book has been therapeutic for me so far. I mean it’s funny at times but it’s also somewhat relaxing to not think about my life and just listen Mr. Wilson talk about his successes and failures. One thing that I run in to a lot is that some of Dwight’s characteristics can also be found in Mr. Wilson and that’s probably why he played the character so well. Mr. Wilson admits to being a nerd and a comic and sci-fi enthusiast. He does cosplay and keeps up on a lot of obscure science fictions stories as Dwight does. (Unfortunately he doesn’t have a 60-acre beet farm, but his mom did live on a farm as child.) He is pretty eccentric just as Dwight is. Mr. Wilson started high school as the nerdiest person you can imagine but when he changes high schools he completely revamps his identity. He chooses to become more outgoing and involves himself in drama which he says is the top of the geek food-chain. This is when his dreams of being an actor/comedian really took off. When I read this about him part of me kind of wished that I could change schools. I mean don’t get me wrong I like Bloomsburg High School but sometimes I feel stuck with the identity that has followed me. I mean I’ve been going to school with some the kids in my grade since Kindergarten. I have definitely changed since then but I feel like now I’m set on who I am as a person or how people see me.¬† I can’t act differently all of the sudden I just have to continue to be the same me I was last year. I don’t like being more on the reserved side most of the time but I feel like I don’t have anything to say because I really haven’t had anything to say before. But who knows if I would have the guts to be more expressive if I moved schools anyway. This blog got a little off topic but I will say that “The Bassoon King” is a book I highly recommend to anyone-not just Office fans.

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