The Devil and Walker a review

This story has a very interesting perspective. Usually in most stories the greedy or bad character is more of a minor character. In this one the main focus is on Tom Walker who is a pretty horrible person. He is also married to a horrible women who I thought atributed to how terrible of a person Tom was. Being stuck married to someone like that had to be pretty hard. I wished for some reason to have her be a more involved character but I liked how the author used her to make a point. When Tom takes his venture into the forest, it’s pretty shocking that after he finds out that he is conversing with the devil, he still carries on in converstation. He also doesn’t involve himself with devil because he is desperate or poor and has no where else to go. He only does it out of his own greed. Really this is a classic story of karma. You can’t hide from the consequences of doing wrong because it will come back to get you in the end. The society the author paints is very grim. During the whole story, there is not really a happy part. It sheds some light on the people who act holier then thou but in reality only profit from other peoples grief throughout their entire lives. Everyone in the town where Tom lives is used to terror from all sorts of evil beings. Many people are also superstitious and feel that the only way to be saved is to be as religious as possible. This seemed very accurate for the time period and it worked well for the story being told. I think Ivring wrote this to highlight the wrongs of those in power who may seem perfect on the outside. He also wrote it to warn people not to get involved with the wrong crowd only for their own self benefit- or just in general. I think that if this story were to be rewritten for modern times I would make Tom Walker invest in a very well oganized scam by criminals and gain a lot of money from it. One of the members could get put in prison and then choose to give up Tom’s name in order to be let go. Then Tom would be put in prison for life.

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