More sleep, less notes

My biggest take away from the notes this week was probably that all good writers really without realizing it create stories that follow the elements of short stories. They don’t really sit down and say “Now I must make sure that I have a climax and resolution to keep the reader entertained. Oh and to make it interesting I’ll add in some similes and metaphors”. Most writers probably don’t anyway-it comes to them naturally. When I thought back to historical novels I have read that still flow like stories I realized that the way stories are set up (or the way we expect them to be set up) are based on experiences in life. The timeline of climaxes and resolutions are what inspires authors to write the way they do. That is why the elements of short stories are evident in most stories and stories aren’t written many other ways. They just wouldn’t make sense to people without a beginning, middle, and end.

Observing a story and being a participate are important to understand and be able to tell apart. I think you know you really are a participant when the world around you disappears while you are reading. It feels as though all there is is the story the words create playing in front of you. I am mostly a participate. To me books are like expeditions.  They take me a long time of thought and concentration if I’m really a part of the story. But that is the best way to read. To be honestly though, the biggest reason I always read so indepth is that I’m a terrible skimmer. Reading fast just doesn’t really make sense of all the information that I need so I usually just read word for word. This has definitely changed how I read but in some ways I’m glad because it has forced me to take in things slower allowing me more time to think about the text.

As for my second week, I have just been really tired for some reason. It’s probably because fusion has started which means I never get enough sleep. Hopefully my sleep schedule will adjust but I doubt it. The school work is okay for now but I’m sure it’ll  get worse. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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