My first week of Eleventh grade

My first week of school was definitely better than I expected. I was actually really nervous for some reason the night before the first day. I mean first day jitters obviously aren’t uncommon but I guess I just feel like by junior year I should have things down. Anyway, the week as a whole went smoothly. I like my classes but I know I’m in for a tough year academically. A&P and APUSH will be a challenge and Pub will push me out of my comfort zone but I think that’s a good thing. I was kind of worried about my lunch because it’s lunch five (mostly freshmen) but I found tolerable freshmen to sit with along with two juniors. As the week went on my classes got gradually less like a reciting of expectations and get to know you exercises and more like actual classes (as per usual). My favorite part of the week was probably catching up with people who I didn’t see much of all summer. I think during summer I forget how much I love talking to everyone about their lives and how welcoming they are towards me. That’s what’s nice about a small school, I feel like I’m at least friendly with a lot of people in some way. Cross country is a great example of that. We just have a really close knit team and even though the practice itself is a lot of work, the social aspect is always something I look forward to. On Thursday I stayed after school for a drama meeting and before practice I sat with some members of the team and we just vented to each other about the first week. It was super relieving that they could all relate to the struggles that I have the first couple days of school. On Friday I went with some people from the band to all the elementary schools in the district to recruit kids and show them all the instruments they could choose from. It was a nice ending to my week and being at Memorial brought back memories of my elementary school experience. The Friday night football game was okay but not as fun as I hoped. I got super tired towards the end which kind of put me in a bad mood. All in all I’d say an above average start to my junior year.

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