Blog 16: Civil Disobedience

For the most part, I agree that government is best when it is governed least. The role of government is to set rules for everyone to follow in order to be better citizens. They create the rules to protect society and have it run smoothly. The government shouldn’t be able to control people to the point where they aren’t able to have any rights. It’s role in relation to an individual citizen is to obey the laws given and social normality’s to be accepted into and by the community. They are supposed to make and keep us as a whole. The kind of government that commands my respect is one that is smaller. I think that people should be responsible for the kinds of things they do overall with their life. The government should be open to ideas that citizens have and their beliefs. We should not have a government that doesn’t take things into consideration and won’t help in certain situations. A government should want to make the lives of citizens better. The role of civil disobedience is the act of disobeying a law on grounds of moral or political principle. It gives protestors and movements the ability to express their freedom of speech and fight for what they believe. Civil disobedience is still going on today and effective. People are always arguing for certain kinds of rights and fighting for the things that they believe. History shows all of the famous people that stood up for the things they believed in and many of them succeeded. I think arguing is something that we have always had and needed. If we didn’t argue and value different things, the world would be a boring place in my opinion. Sometimes fighting for the things you want can get out of hand so that’s why we do need some boundaries from our government with the laws and such. Civil disobedience should be taught for everyone to understand. We should all understand that we have a say in what happens in this world and can argue with what we do and do not believe in. The End 🙂

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