Civil Disobedience

I actually do not believe that “the government is best which governs least”.  I feel that the government keeps the United States safe and somewhat under control.  I like to use the analogy of saying the parent represents the government, and the child represents citizens of the United States.  I think this shows the role of our government to the people well because parents show guidance to their children, punish them when they are wrong, and allow them to stay out of trouble for the most part because of their threats.  I think Thoreau means to allow a democracy when he states “let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it”, because this way every man would have respect because everyone has a say.  I do not think Civil Disobedience is effective today because the definition states “the refusal to comply with certain laws or to pay taxes and fines, as a peaceful form of political protest,” and most people need to pay their fines and taxes so they stay out of jail because they have families to take care of.  Other aspects of civil disobedience still might be out in the world but I do not have any recent examples of this to share.  I know it was substantial in the past because the amount of people that participated made it hard to ignore, but I also think we would not have the same quantity of people ready to protest now, as we did back then.  It’s unfortunate because I think it would be a logical way to get your opinion seen by the government, but I just feel that people are not as inclined today to protest as they were back then.  Mass amounts of people had to fight for their rights, and yes some people still need to today, but not nearly as many people are fighting in comparison to how many have already fought.  I honestly feel that if something substantial happened in the government, and it took away from most Americans, then we could break out Civil Disobedience, but until the I personally don’t think problems in the United States are big enough for it to be beneficial or even used properly.  

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Thoreau and Emerson’s excerpts remind me of something being original.  In Emerson’s excerpts he talks about how society changes everyone into acting and sometimes even looking the same, and how we should change and break out of society to live by your own standards.  I also found that in his excerpts he explained the idea of pushing yourself to become better whether that is good for society or not.  This also could relate to Thoreau because his new house in a sense can almost be looked at as if he was playing the role of God, and according to the bible, God wants everyone to be successful and themselves.  I connect the thought of originality to both Thoreau and Emerson’s thoughts because they both wanted everything to become unique and not set in stone like society had been doing.  Thoreau just uses a house to help instead of humans.  He tries to say that it doesn’t matter if your rich or poor, a house is a house and can still find happiness.  Society is really the reason today as of to why people feel insecure about their homes because society has attacked them and made people think they aren’t as good as others if they don’t have a giant house.  The benefits of just going out to the woods is that you can get away from all the toxic people in your community, the ones that are responsible for society becoming the way it is.  I would miss interaction with other humans, but at the end of the day I don’t think it is worth being around toxic people just for some interaction.  I really think I could do it if I had a house out there with electricity and a dog.  I think I could live happily if i had a dog with me.  I think they’re better than most humans anyways.  I think the biggest thing to take away for a modern reader is that society does not have to define you.  People should be free to be able to be whoever they want to be and not get ridiculed for it.  

Bye Bye Debates

I generally enjoy arguing with people to an extent.  I wouldn’t even call it arguing because everyone is civil and hears each side of the argument, so I would call it a debate over an argument.  I enjoy debating like this on a daily basis because it allows young people to be involved in world controversies that adults try to tell us we shouldn’t have an opinion on because we’re too “young”.  It also helps start conversation and makes me feel like the conversation was actually worth wasting my breath on, and I like hearing what other people say about the topic.  Our actual debate was a little too formal for me to actually enjoy debating.  I like talking about issues when someone can say something, and then everyone listens and takes it into consideration, and then they get to speak on their side of the argument.  I just like that more because it flows easier than having a rebuttal and also having to state all of our points at once.  I don’t like arguing with my mom because she feels the need to shove her side of the argument in my face.  I understand that she may feel that she wants me to understand her reasons, but there are also reasons to support the other side and it annoys me when she always thinks her side is right, so I stopped bringing up controversial conversations to her.  My topic on abolishing the electoral college has made me do a ton of research.  At this point I was pro abolishing the electoral college, but at this point I think I want them to keep the electoral college because without it, it would give the people too much power.  This debate was actually pretty hard.  Trying to make a professional constructive with reliable sources and statistics took a lot of research and also a lot of time and effort to construct in general.  The rebuttal was even harder to create because you have to take the opponents side’s points, and find a way to make them bad.  All in all, I liked debating, but I wouldn’t do it this way again unless I was forced to.


The topic I have for the debate is pro abolish the electoral college.  In my personal opinion, I am against abolishing the electoral college, so this is going to be interesting.  I really didn’t know much about the topic before I did some research, but even now that I know a little more about the subject, I still don’t necessarily care about it.  When you google search “abolish electoral college” the first thing that comes up is a website saying it should be amended in the constitution, so my thoughts are that people feel strongly about abolishing the electoral college.  I also now think I need to do more research before I choose a side because it seems that there is a lot of information supporting pro abolishing.  My plan to address this topic is to start doing research.  After I do research, I think I will continue by stating each side and then listing arguments that can be made for each side as well on a piece of paper so my thoughts feel more organized before I start to do anything else.  I think if I bring in “the rights of the people” then  i’ll be okay because then people will know I am arguing for them and will feel more inclined to side with me rather than someone saying to keep the electoral college.  Some ethical issues with abolishing this could potentially be racial, or because of religion.  I feel like in today’s society, anyone can make an accusation that someone is doing something because of their race or religion instead of the actual problem at hand.  This is why this topic will be hard because Im sure there are multiple people that feel that they are trying to abolish the electoral college for the wrong reasons.  I am glad that I got this over abortion or a topic like that because they are so controversial I would almost feel uncomfortable debating those in a school setting especially because some people are too immature to handle the conversation.   So I don’t really want to debate electoral college because I think it is boring, but at the same time I am glad I got this.


Sorry to be basic, but my topic is going to be about abortion.  One side of this argument could be used to say abortion is good, the other side could say that abortion is bad.  In today’s society this debate can be very exciting and controversial, so it should be a good one.  Now that 2019 has begun, I look back at this school year and give myself props just for making it this far.  It has been such a struggle to keep up with everything including schoolwork, practice, chores, and my job, I just couldn’t wait for the weekend to come.  Even when the weekend comes, I just sit at home to recover from the whole week, so I never hang out with anyone because Im always so tired.  The only thing I would like to improve is my GPA, because that is not where it is supposed to be right now, and I don’t like losing sleep, so she gotta get back up there.  The only thing I can do to get that up is just trying harder even though Im giving it everything I have, so the next semester should be fun (not).  Sleep deprivation is the one thing that will keep me from this goal because I always push until I pass out and since I am already doing that, I am going to have to tap into my sleep schedule to make sure I can get all my homework done and do maximum studying.  Even with doing all of this, it is going to be hard to get the GPA up.  The amount of stress society has put on grades is not fair.  Even when I talk to my mom she always tells me “I finished college with a 4.0”, yeah well Kristen doesn’t get that courses have gotten harder since 1990.  She also forgets that I am taking a lot of science and math courses, which my future depends on, and that she \got her degree in teaching.  I don’t know if it is just me but, I think there is a little bit of a difference between the stress of her education and mine.  It just might be me though, not sure.

All the virtues I violated

I literally had no energy to put any effort into attempting to practically stay “holy” for the whole week but I tried.  It was hard for me to do anything for at least 2 days after my surgery, all I did was sleep but for the time I was awake I think I followed these virtues somewhat correctly.

Appreciation- Pretty easy not to violate.

Cleanliness- . . . . Only because I wasn’t allowed to brush my teeth after surgery.

Acceptance- I accepted the fact that this whole week is just buns so I got over it.

Silence- . . . . . . . Everyone reading this knows no matter how hard I try, I will find something to complain about.

Sincerity- . . . Shaye was really getting on my nerves. 

Temperance- I actually followed this because all I could eat was mashed potatoes and even when I ate them I could only eat a spoonful. 

Commitment- I don’t quit.

Tranquility- . . . . I was inconvenienced quite a bit this week.

Justice- Didn’t violate this one wow Im surprised.

Industry- . . . . . . . I always waste my time playing games.

Frugality- I don’t have money to spend anyways.

Order- I am so OCD so this will never be violated.

Moderation- I don’t consider my life extreme so this wasn’t violated either.

Humility- I do think highly of myself thanks.

Chastity- Hahahah don’t have to worry about violating this one #nolife

Basically, to be able to not violate any of these virtues would be really hard.  I truly do not think Franklin did all of these because it is practically impossible, no one is perfect.  I don’t think the things I had dots next to were really that bad just because everyone is flawed.  Who would learn anything in life if everything was done perfectly anyways? Reflecting on these results tells me that maybe I should stop complaining so much but I don’t know if I am going to stop because it makes me feel better some how.  I couldn’t tell you why, but I really do think it helps.  Also living with 2 other girls all under one roof gets pretty crazy so I think the amount of times I lost it on her has to be somewhat acceptable.  I guess I should stop playing so many games.


I had a hard time inserting a picture… I tried 2 different ones and it wouldn’t work but it was going to be a Christmas tree.



               /         \                                <——– My picture of a Christmas tree.

           /                 \

Oh would you look at that… More poetry

My first impression on The Dodo’s Conundrum was that it was terrible and I hate analyzing poetry.   I read this poem at least 10 times and still cannot comprehend what the main focus is for this poem.  I think I may know the theme, but knowing my luck I have it completely wrong.  What i got out of this poem for the theme at least is no matter how hard you try sometimes things just don’t go your way.  I also feel like as long as you have information to back up your theme, it can’t be wrong.  I still have a lot of questions, but they’re the questions that I can’t ask because it gives away the theme.  I think I just have to keep reading it over and over again until I fully understand what the poem means.  The sound of sense questions for this were definitely harder than they ever were in Eldorado.  I literally knew nothing about the poem even after reading it for a good 20 minutes straight.  Even though I didn’t understand the poem at all I really liked it because I feel like when I finally understand it and get that “click”, then I’ll love the poem and genuinely relate to it.  I am just struggling with this poem because everything is so hard and so challenging and I don’t like it because we have to write a stupid paper on it and I still have yet to get a specific theme for this poem.  My analyzing skills from previous poems have not prepared me for this moment.  I am surly destined for failure at this point.  Me actually writing a poem has not helped me in any way shape or form at all because I didn’t get this deep theme or feeling from it.  I know that I’m not advanced in English at all, my mom makes sure to point that out, but dear lord I don’t care how advanced anyone is I know that they are going to have issues with The Dodo’s Conundrum.  Especially since its not published so the internet is out of the question


I don’t think I hate poetry as much now just because I can respect poets and how hard they actually have to think in order to write a poem with rhyme and rhythm.  The difference between my first poem and my second poem was that the second one actually had meaning to me.  The second poem was about my dog biscuit, she had passed away last fair.  The poem talked about how we as the kids grew up, and how she was always there right by our side for those milestones until one day she wasn’t.  It’s really sad to think about and I didn’t like writing the poem because it made me sad but I do personally think it is easier to write a poem about something you care about.  I really don’t know the right answer to what pictures to put down for the visual part of the poem, but I would start with a nice home and a family inside holding a puppy. Then I would let the reader know we’re traveling through milestones with this pup that grows up like first snow storm, first day of school, etc. Then I would unfortunately have to show her becoming old and less energetic, and then for the end I think I would have her burial site with her favorite stuffed animals on top.  I really doubt that’s is what was asked of us to describe, but it’s what comes to mind when reading my poem.  My poem was really sad, but I think that it shows just how much I loved her, and that to me is worth being a little sad while writing it.  I also think it’s different for the people that are writing the poem and the people that are reading it.  For instance, my poem about my dog biscuit, has sentimental value, and really shows that our family loved her with everything we had.  But for someone standing on the other side, it could just look like a girl writing about her dog and how sad she is.  There are just so many different ways to interpret poetry, and the only way you’ll know how the poet wanted you to react, is to ask him or herself.

Stupid Poetry

I hate poetry to begin with, so the poems we have been reading have not been fun for me and neither is this poetry assignment, or this blog.  The discussion about Eldorado went in one ear and out the other because no matter how many times someone tells me the poem is dark, I can’t see it.  I didn’t like the poem at all really like what even is Eldorado.  I’m probably just in a mood because I just got “yelled at” more like talked to in a stern voice by Mr. P because we didn’t let him talk we just jumped to conclusions and he got salty, so yeah the poems suck.  But its fine i’ll just suck it up and continue to “analyze” the little paragraphs you English teachers call “stanzas” and sip my tea.  Also the poem I am writing about now used to be about how much school stresses me out and how depressed it makes me, but I decided to change it that way I didn’t get sent down to the office for having “dark thoughts”.  Now my poem is about the old troll and he doesn’t have any friends, and also he’s fat, and the only person he has to talk to is a rat.  I used personification by making the rat talk and making the troll feel bad about himself.  Also I plan on using simile and metaphors for my other two requirements for this dumb assignment.  There’s not much else I have to say about poetry because the only poetry I actually like to read is Dr. Seuss, and that’s obviously not an option for 11th grade English.  I just really hate the fact that we have to analyze and pick the whole thing apart, I would much rather just be able to read it and answer questions like “How did you interpret this poem?” That would be a whole lot easier and I may actually enjoy it, but god forbid anyone enjoy poetry because that would be just terrible for a teacher to not make their students analyze every word in the poem.  #triggered

Looking for Alaska

There was one thing I did not like about this book and that was the character Pudge.  Throughout the whole novel, all Pudge talks and thinks about is Alaska, and *spoiler* when she dies, the only person he feels that should be affected by it is himself.  I actually started reading the book because I thought she might get kidnapped or something just by reading the cover, but the more I read the more I realized that probably wouldn’t happen.  I read the book anyway and it turned out to be pretty good.  My thoughts changed a lot while reading this book.  At first I thought it was boring because it was just talking about three teenagers at a private school just living their lives, but then after a while things started to get interesting.  Probably about a third through the book, chip, Alaska, and Pudge all get drunk and blow things up and try to start trouble with the older kids that went to their school.  They even went as far as putting permanent blue hair dye in the jocks shampoo for being mean to Alaska, and throwing Pudge into the lake all tied up on his first night at the school.  My favorite character in this book was Alaska, only because I couldn’t figure her out.  She was so smart in school, and knew how to get herself out of trouble, but there were some points in the book where she would just freak out and get crazy drunk.  I just didn’t understand her until the end.  She had a boyfriend at the time so whenever she would go crazy Chip and Pudge just assumed it was because of him, but after a while they became suspicious.  They would all go into the woods by a lake and find their stash of wine and just drink until they were unbelievably drunk.  One night, it was too much and Alaska had drank the most out of everyone.  She realized what day it was after a whole night of drinking, and started crying hysterically.  All she kept saying was “I have to leave”, over and over until she finally did.  The next morning, hungover Chip and Pudge, wake up to the head principle at their door informing them that last night, Alaska had died from a collision on the interstate.  Chip and Pudge felt responsible for her death because they were the ones that let her get into the car and drive away, but they weren’t sure if it was suicide or an accident.  Her blood alcohol level had been so high, they decided to test on themselves if she should’ve been able to successfully stay in her lane or not.  After stealing the Breathalyzer from the General’s house, they tested how drunk she had to be and it could have went either way.  Accident, or suicide.  In the end they figure out from talking to her boyfriend that it was her mom’s birthday, and Alaska being the kind person she was thought her mother would think she forgot about her since she didn’t come sooner.  That is why in the car accident they found white flowers in the back of the car.  She took the flowers her boyfriend had given her, and took them to put on her mother’s grave, but unfortunately they never made it.   Looking back at this book, it made me depressed to think about because Alaska, already drunk out of her mind, died thinking her mom wouldn’t forgive her for forgetting her birthday.  Everyone copes with greif differently, but this is when i got annoyed with Pudge because he felt that Alaska was his and he was the only one allowed to mourn her death.  I personally would have preferred his character to have a different view on the death because its already sad to begin with and then on top of that, you have to deal with someone selfish like Pudge.