Stupid Kane

My reaction to this movie was not very good.  It was hard for me to focus on the movie because it was in black and white and the graphics were terrible.  There were also some points in the movie that I found stupid, like the “jump scare” with the bird…. like what the actual heck was that.  Dumbest thing I have ever witnessed in my whole entire life, and I have Shaye as a sister and see her do a lot of dumb crap.  I think we are supposed to take away that something that happens in your childhood is still a big deal and can still affect you when you’re older.  Things that happen in your childhood set the tone for your attitude for the rest of your life, children remember everything.  Charles cannot be happy because he was stripped of his innocence and happiness as a child when he was taken away from his family and taken to a quiet boring house.  This movie also interests me because this is a situation where Kane has money, and he still is not happy.  People living in today’s society think that if they have money there is no reason for them to be sad or depressed, when that is actually not true at all.  In fact, I know multiple people right now that have money and are depressed or not happy with life at all.  Money is not everything.  To Kane, this was exactly it.  He would have been happier with his family as a child then he would with money as an adult.  I feel that people take advantage of what they have and don’t actually realize how lucky they are to have a family of their own.  Some people think they will be happy once they have money, or once they buy that new car, but when they buy it or make the money and are still depressed, they wonder why.  I think this is a lesson all of society needs to learn because at the end of the day money is not everything.  After work, you go home to a family, and if you’re loaded with no family, you will be more than likely to come home to hug a bottle off gin.  Some of his behaviors through his life also show that he dies not care about the money at all.  Sleeping around, getting kicked out of colleges, all show he does not care at all about his body, or the money he had lost from dropping out of school.  He was careless with his life.  I personally think the plot of this story was well written, as well as the underlying idea of money cannot buy happiness, but I feel if they want a modern audience to enjoy the film, it should be remade into something even better than it is now.

Orson Welles

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