poems on poems on poems

My favorite poem out of the three we had discussed in class was hands down The Love Song of Alfred Prufrock.  This is going to sound dark, but I hate reading happy poems, I feel like they are stupid and irrelevant.  I liked this poem in particular because just reading the thing made no sense, but actually interpreting every line interested me to truly find out what he was really talking about.  I think it is harder to make a dark poem rather than a positive poem, so I also liked how unique the situations were in this poem.  I feel that one of the underlying themes for this poem is that the truth is ugly.  This person had been lying his whole life, but since they are both sentenced to hell and no one is leaving, he decided to tell the truth and tell us the reader how it really is and how this individual thinks of themselves.  The other two poems are called Disillusionment of 10 o’clock and Anyone lived in a pretty how town.  These poems are all connected through society and how it is perceived or distorted.  In Disillusionment of 10 o’clock, the person that is describing the situation basically says when it is time to go to bed, you decide what you want to wear and no one can judge because no one sees you, but they all still decide to be the same and all wear white.  They are never dreaming because of how mediocre they are and that they’re okay with it.  This guy is drunk out of his mind and is dreaming about catching fish and tigers.  The last poem refers to the boy and anyone and the girl as no one, taking away any physical features of either, and even their gender.  This to me describes society and how everyone is looked at by each other.  I believe most people don’t think about the importance of individuality, and calling a specific person “anyone” shows that perfectly.  To society’s standards, you are a nobody, and everyone is okay with that.  I can’t choose to decide which one is most relocatable to today’s society because they all do.  The first poem shows the reader how fake people can be, the second shows how people are living but not actually living their lives how they want to, and the third one shows the reader how insignificant they really are to the world.  All completely terrible, and can describe most of Americans.


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