The Imom

I actually liked reading “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” because it was easy to understand and follow and what the story was about was interesting and  intriguing.  I honestly enjoyed the satire Mark Twain used because he made fun of the reader, and it was interesting to read because I had absolutely no idea until after the fact.  I never thought to think if Simon Wheeler was actually smart or not, and it turns out that he was actually very educated and had intellect.  Someone dumb and uneducated would never be able to make up stories like Wheeler did.  The one thing I think I know about Huck Finn is that it takes place somewhere where lots of farming takes place.  I don’t really know anything about it besides seeing some of the projects laying around the room from last year.  I do’t know much about the book, but I am actually interested to read it because Twain’s short story about the frog was good, so I’m sure this book will be intriguing too.  I found the short film “Imom” very weird and somewhat dark.  The fact that at the very end they zoomed in on the chicken sitting in the baby’s bed really made me feel uncomfortable because everyone in the room knew where the baby had actually ended up.  It really hit my core and gave me a rotten taste in my mouth to see mother’s buying a replacement because they don’t want to be in their child’s life.  The satire going on in this film is making fun of the moms which was unfortunately very accurate to modern life mothers.  My favorite was the party parents that decided to have a kid and also go out every night of the week.  It just made me sick because my mom is on her own to raise three kids, and she always finds a way to be at everything everyday for us.  She is always helping us through hard times and trying to give us everything we need, and to see mothers not care at all just really made me feel badly for society as a whole.


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The office throwing shade

My experience with satire is more than likely a little larger than what I actually realize.  I think of satire as something used to mock something else, so I actually look at satire a lot with all the memes I scroll through daily.  My favorite humor is affilative humor because I like to look at funny videos that make me and my friends laugh really hard.  Sometimes I can look at funny videos or memes for hours and not even feel bored.  I enjoy looking at cat videos and memes that make me laugh really hard to the point where I have abs.  For example, there is one video of a cat farting so aggressively that he literally jumps into the air, and its’s not even that funny at first, but if you watch it over and over again its hilarious.  There is another one that I also enjoy a lot with cats.  There is this cat that had been meowing all morning and the owner recorded it and auto tuned its voice to sound cool and did that to the cat all over the house.  Then there is one with a ferret and he is running around and pushed a tree over and his little head pops out while his owner is yelling at him its very funny.  There is also a meme I posted in Mr. Pavalko’s room that talks about a pug named pugerino.  He’s super cute and it’s my favorite so ya’ll should stop down in Mr. P’s and check it out.  I don’t know anything about Mark Twain and really don’t care to, but now I have to.  The one interesting thing I found out about Mark Twain was that he actually dropped out in fifth grade.  It is impressive that he has been so successful with only a fifth grade education.  Twain was also a steamboat pilot so how one does that with a fifth grade education I don’t know, but I mean good for him.  To wrap it all up, satire is in my life a lot considering I have watched every episode of the office and also have looked at so many videos I can’t even count them.

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