Just by reading the title, I wouldn’t think it was anything more than a movie about someone being dizzy, but in reality the vertigo in the story isn’t even a big player.  I really think deep down I like the movie just because there are so many plot twists you don’t see coming because in today’s movies you always know what is going to happen, but at the same time, I do not like what actually happens during the twists.  I personally think that if this were to be remade with better acting and graphics it would be amazing.  One of the bigger things I don’t like with this movie is that the acting does not seem real at all.  You can definitely tell that they are acting, and not set in the scene.  I do like the plot itself though.  I don’t think I’ve ever watched a movie similar to this, making Vertigo refreshing for viewers because it’s not something people just automatically know the ending to.  One thing I would definitely change for a modern crowd is the use of graphics for when Scotty has his mental break.  It’s too much and too flashy to the point where I didn’t even know what was going on, and someone had to tell me.  I also think making the dialogue easier to follow would help keep the audience focused because there were points where I just lost focus and didn’t understand what the cast was getting at.  I am not finished with the movie, but right now things are starting to heat up.  I could not imagine how much of a hit this film would be if it became modernized, but with an almost identical setup for characters and their personalities.  All this film needs is a couple little additions for it to be fantastic for modern viewers.  Yes, it would end up being a good movie but, I personally do not think I would like it just because of the plot twists and what happens during the film.  If it makes any sense, I like the idea of the movie, I would just rather not have to go through that emotional roller coaster the viewer has to go through.  

Song of Myself

My initial reaction to Song of Myself was that it was extremely long and it also did not look interesting at all.  Our section was very confusing because there were so many ways to interpret each line, and if it was interpreted the wrong way, we wouldn’t  get credit so it was annoying to have to pick through and make sure every interpretation was correct.  His devotion to transcendentalism allowed the work to be very nature based, and he also related everything back to nature and used many aspects of nature as analogies for other meanings.  I think the most important line from section 6 was ” A child said What is Grass? Fetching it to me with full hands” because the child is pure and having the grass represent society allows the child to hold society to a more pure state, because that is all the child knows at this point in his life.  One difficultly I am having with the work is it was written so long ago, and some of the words he chose are hard for me to interpret and understand what he is trying to say.  Some of the lines from the poem are so confusing to analyze because of his word choice and also because half the words in this poem have underlying meanings.   I struggle with poetry to begin with so having to analyze a poem that is so complex has been frustrating and confusing.  I feel like if I could understand what Walt Whitman is trying to say I would enjoy reading this poem, but the information is too dense for me to pick apart.  The way I reacted to this poem was just confusion because there are so many ways to interpret things in every line that it is confusing to make sure I have the correct understanding of it that McGarry wants.  I’m hoping to be done with this poem soon because the thought of having to analyze more of this poem is very annoying.  It also doesn’t help that the very little notes I had are nowhere to be found, but it’s fine because they didn’t help much anyways.