Bye Bye Debates

I generally enjoy arguing with people to an extent.  I wouldn’t even call it arguing because everyone is civil and hears each side of the argument, so I would call it a debate over an argument.  I enjoy debating like this on a daily basis because it allows young people to be involved in world controversies that adults try to tell us we shouldn’t have an opinion on because we’re too “young”.  It also helps start conversation and makes me feel like the conversation was actually worth wasting my breath on, and I like hearing what other people say about the topic.  Our actual debate was a little too formal for me to actually enjoy debating.  I like talking about issues when someone can say something, and then everyone listens and takes it into consideration, and then they get to speak on their side of the argument.  I just like that more because it flows easier than having a rebuttal and also having to state all of our points at once.  I don’t like arguing with my mom because she feels the need to shove her side of the argument in my face.  I understand that she may feel that she wants me to understand her reasons, but there are also reasons to support the other side and it annoys me when she always thinks her side is right, so I stopped bringing up controversial conversations to her.  My topic on abolishing the electoral college has made me do a ton of research.  At this point I was pro abolishing the electoral college, but at this point I think I want them to keep the electoral college because without it, it would give the people too much power.  This debate was actually pretty hard.  Trying to make a professional constructive with reliable sources and statistics took a lot of research and also a lot of time and effort to construct in general.  The rebuttal was even harder to create because you have to take the opponents side’s points, and find a way to make them bad.  All in all, I liked debating, but I wouldn’t do it this way again unless I was forced to.

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