The topic I have for the debate is pro abolish the electoral college.  In my personal opinion, I am against abolishing the electoral college, so this is going to be interesting.  I really didn’t know much about the topic before I did some research, but even now that I know a little more about the subject, I still don’t necessarily care about it.  When you google search “abolish electoral college” the first thing that comes up is a website saying it should be amended in the constitution, so my thoughts are that people feel strongly about abolishing the electoral college.  I also now think I need to do more research before I choose a side because it seems that there is a lot of information supporting pro abolishing.  My plan to address this topic is to start doing research.  After I do research, I think I will continue by stating each side and then listing arguments that can be made for each side as well on a piece of paper so my thoughts feel more organized before I start to do anything else.  I think if I bring in “the rights of the people” then  i’ll be okay because then people will know I am arguing for them and will feel more inclined to side with me rather than someone saying to keep the electoral college.  Some ethical issues with abolishing this could potentially be racial, or because of religion.  I feel like in today’s society, anyone can make an accusation that someone is doing something because of their race or religion instead of the actual problem at hand.  This is why this topic will be hard because Im sure there are multiple people that feel that they are trying to abolish the electoral college for the wrong reasons.  I am glad that I got this over abortion or a topic like that because they are so controversial I would almost feel uncomfortable debating those in a school setting especially because some people are too immature to handle the conversation.   So I don’t really want to debate electoral college because I think it is boring, but at the same time I am glad I got this.


Sorry to be basic, but my topic is going to be about abortion.  One side of this argument could be used to say abortion is good, the other side could say that abortion is bad.  In today’s society this debate can be very exciting and controversial, so it should be a good one.  Now that 2019 has begun, I look back at this school year and give myself props just for making it this far.  It has been such a struggle to keep up with everything including schoolwork, practice, chores, and my job, I just couldn’t wait for the weekend to come.  Even when the weekend comes, I just sit at home to recover from the whole week, so I never hang out with anyone because Im always so tired.  The only thing I would like to improve is my GPA, because that is not where it is supposed to be right now, and I don’t like losing sleep, so she gotta get back up there.  The only thing I can do to get that up is just trying harder even though Im giving it everything I have, so the next semester should be fun (not).  Sleep deprivation is the one thing that will keep me from this goal because I always push until I pass out and since I am already doing that, I am going to have to tap into my sleep schedule to make sure I can get all my homework done and do maximum studying.  Even with doing all of this, it is going to be hard to get the GPA up.  The amount of stress society has put on grades is not fair.  Even when I talk to my mom she always tells me “I finished college with a 4.0”, yeah well Kristen doesn’t get that courses have gotten harder since 1990.  She also forgets that I am taking a lot of science and math courses, which my future depends on, and that she \got her degree in teaching.  I don’t know if it is just me but, I think there is a little bit of a difference between the stress of her education and mine.  It just might be me though, not sure.