All the virtues I violated

I literally had no energy to put any effort into attempting to practically stay “holy” for the whole week but I tried.  It was hard for me to do anything for at least 2 days after my surgery, all I did was sleep but for the time I was awake I think I followed these virtues somewhat correctly.

Appreciation- Pretty easy not to violate.

Cleanliness- . . . . Only because I wasn’t allowed to brush my teeth after surgery.

Acceptance- I accepted the fact that this whole week is just buns so I got over it.

Silence- . . . . . . . Everyone reading this knows no matter how hard I try, I will find something to complain about.

Sincerity- . . . Shaye was really getting on my nerves. 

Temperance- I actually followed this because all I could eat was mashed potatoes and even when I ate them I could only eat a spoonful. 

Commitment- I don’t quit.

Tranquility- . . . . I was inconvenienced quite a bit this week.

Justice- Didn’t violate this one wow Im surprised.

Industry- . . . . . . . I always waste my time playing games.

Frugality- I don’t have money to spend anyways.

Order- I am so OCD so this will never be violated.

Moderation- I don’t consider my life extreme so this wasn’t violated either.

Humility- I do think highly of myself thanks.

Chastity- Hahahah don’t have to worry about violating this one #nolife

Basically, to be able to not violate any of these virtues would be really hard.  I truly do not think Franklin did all of these because it is practically impossible, no one is perfect.  I don’t think the things I had dots next to were really that bad just because everyone is flawed.  Who would learn anything in life if everything was done perfectly anyways? Reflecting on these results tells me that maybe I should stop complaining so much but I don’t know if I am going to stop because it makes me feel better some how.  I couldn’t tell you why, but I really do think it helps.  Also living with 2 other girls all under one roof gets pretty crazy so I think the amount of times I lost it on her has to be somewhat acceptable.  I guess I should stop playing so many games.


I had a hard time inserting a picture… I tried 2 different ones and it wouldn’t work but it was going to be a Christmas tree.



               /         \                                <——– My picture of a Christmas tree.

           /                 \

Oh would you look at that… More poetry

My first impression on The Dodo’s Conundrum was that it was terrible and I hate analyzing poetry.   I read this poem at least 10 times and still cannot comprehend what the main focus is for this poem.  I think I may know the theme, but knowing my luck I have it completely wrong.  What i got out of this poem for the theme at least is no matter how hard you try sometimes things just don’t go your way.  I also feel like as long as you have information to back up your theme, it can’t be wrong.  I still have a lot of questions, but they’re the questions that I can’t ask because it gives away the theme.  I think I just have to keep reading it over and over again until I fully understand what the poem means.  The sound of sense questions for this were definitely harder than they ever were in Eldorado.  I literally knew nothing about the poem even after reading it for a good 20 minutes straight.  Even though I didn’t understand the poem at all I really liked it because I feel like when I finally understand it and get that “click”, then I’ll love the poem and genuinely relate to it.  I am just struggling with this poem because everything is so hard and so challenging and I don’t like it because we have to write a stupid paper on it and I still have yet to get a specific theme for this poem.  My analyzing skills from previous poems have not prepared me for this moment.  I am surly destined for failure at this point.  Me actually writing a poem has not helped me in any way shape or form at all because I didn’t get this deep theme or feeling from it.  I know that I’m not advanced in English at all, my mom makes sure to point that out, but dear lord I don’t care how advanced anyone is I know that they are going to have issues with The Dodo’s Conundrum.  Especially since its not published so the internet is out of the question