I don’t think I hate poetry as much now just because I can respect poets and how hard they actually have to think in order to write a poem with rhyme and rhythm.  The difference between my first poem and my second poem was that the second one actually had meaning to me.  The second poem was about my dog biscuit, she had passed away last fair.  The poem talked about how we as the kids grew up, and how she was always there right by our side for those milestones until one day she wasn’t.  It’s really sad to think about and I didn’t like writing the poem because it made me sad but I do personally think it is easier to write a poem about something you care about.  I really don’t know the right answer to what pictures to put down for the visual part of the poem, but I would start with a nice home and a family inside holding a puppy. Then I would let the reader know we’re traveling through milestones with this pup that grows up like first snow storm, first day of school, etc. Then I would unfortunately have to show her becoming old and less energetic, and then for the end I think I would have her burial site with her favorite stuffed animals on top.  I really doubt that’s is what was asked of us to describe, but it’s what comes to mind when reading my poem.  My poem was really sad, but I think that it shows just how much I loved her, and that to me is worth being a little sad while writing it.  I also think it’s different for the people that are writing the poem and the people that are reading it.  For instance, my poem about my dog biscuit, has sentimental value, and really shows that our family loved her with everything we had.  But for someone standing on the other side, it could just look like a girl writing about her dog and how sad she is.  There are just so many different ways to interpret poetry, and the only way you’ll know how the poet wanted you to react, is to ask him or herself.

Stupid Poetry

I hate poetry to begin with, so the poems we have been reading have not been fun for me and neither is this poetry assignment, or this blog.  The discussion about Eldorado went in one ear and out the other because no matter how many times someone tells me the poem is dark, I can’t see it.  I didn’t like the poem at all really like what even is Eldorado.  I’m probably just in a mood because I just got “yelled at” more like talked to in a stern voice by Mr. P because we didn’t let him talk we just jumped to conclusions and he got salty, so yeah the poems suck.  But its fine i’ll just suck it up and continue to “analyze” the little paragraphs you English teachers call “stanzas” and sip my tea.  Also the poem I am writing about now used to be about how much school stresses me out and how depressed it makes me, but I decided to change it that way I didn’t get sent down to the office for having “dark thoughts”.  Now my poem is about the old troll and he doesn’t have any friends, and also he’s fat, and the only person he has to talk to is a rat.  I used personification by making the rat talk and making the troll feel bad about himself.  Also I plan on using simile and metaphors for my other two requirements for this dumb assignment.  There’s not much else I have to say about poetry because the only poetry I actually like to read is Dr. Seuss, and that’s obviously not an option for 11th grade English.  I just really hate the fact that we have to analyze and pick the whole thing apart, I would much rather just be able to read it and answer questions like “How did you interpret this poem?” That would be a whole lot easier and I may actually enjoy it, but god forbid anyone enjoy poetry because that would be just terrible for a teacher to not make their students analyze every word in the poem.  #triggered