My story pretty much developed from one of things that scares me the most when I get older and have kids.  In today’s society, having your children taken or having your house invaded is really starting to happen on a regular basis and it’s terrible, but my house is going to be ready for it.  So this story is going to be about a family that had just moved to the area and bought an old Victorian house that has hidden rooms and places for them to hide when they get invaded.  The exercises we have done in school had led me to decide to tell the story from the daughters point of view, and also led me to change some things that happen in the story.  I would really just prefer to write a story and let my mind take me to wherever the story wants to go, so this writing process has been quite annoying.  I feel like it is a good plot and idea, but I just don’t like the fact that we are forced to use the six word short story thing because I didn’t want anyone to die but now someone has to.  So this deconstruction process has really just made the story worse in my opinion.  I feel if we were allowed to write what we wanted without the six word short story idea,  my story would flow better and I would have a passion to make the story great, but the attitude I have towards this short story now is to just get it done as fast as possible because its due Monday and I have no time to do it.  This is really unfortunate because I enjoy writing short stories and getting to be creative but the deadline, (that was set for over fair week while I work 70 hours have hockey and have to park cars)  just ruined the whole experience.  The fact that we had to “nit pick” our idea ruined it too.  I feel like a good story should only have an idea of what you want the plot to be about and then be able to write about whatever comes to you.

The worst thing you’ll ever read

I apologize in advance because this blog is terrible.  I had no interest in writing this at all so its gonna be bland.  Sorry not sorry.  I honestly don’t know what I think about my book at the moment.  I am reading The Outsider, by Stephen King, and I’m still debating whether I like it or not.  The main style of text is interrogation, so it’s a little different than what i’m used to reading.   There has been a murder and an investigation is taking place.  It’s also a little hard to read sometimes just because they’re investigating a murder of a child, and its sad at times especially since I want to have kids one day and this can easily happen to anyone’s child.  The police department has a man named Terry Maitland in custody, and they claim that he is the one who has murdered the boy.  This is the part that actually interests me because this guy is a English teacher and supposedly was at a seminar with other teachers when the murder took place, but there were several eye witnesses that had seen him in town either before or after the murder had taken place.  What is so interesting though is the fact that the seminar was a couple hours away, so if they have footage of him being at this seminar, than there is no way he could’ve been in town to dump the body in the park where it was found.  Terry’s lawyer is very confident that he is getting out of this with no charges since they have footage of him being at the seminar, but if the DNA found on the child’d body comes back as Terry Maitlands, then I honestly don’t know what to think I have to keep reading i’m only 200 pages in.  Kinda wish I started to read Lord of the Rings instead since I had just finished The Hobbit because that’s the prelude to the Lord of the Rings and I feel like the information would have been fresh in my head, but i was at the beach in a book store because my little sister had to go to the bathroom so
I waited for her in there and I started to read the back of the book i’m reading now and it sparked my interest so hopefully it picks up a little and I enjoy it.  Also a little rant for the weekend blog I was triggered all day because we lost to coughlin 3-1 and every single goal wasn’t my dang fault because it was 3 of them against me every time while the defenders stood behind them and the midfield munched on their popcorn watching the show from the 50 yard line.  I am triggered.



Faustian bargain

My initial though about Tom Walker and The Devil was just surprise and suspense.  Right from the start when the author gave a detailed description of his wife I was shocked at this “lady man” that Tom had married and I also wanted to know why he did it in the first place (still do).  This is nothing like I’ve ever read before, but I could tell from the beginning that it wasn’t going to end well when the “Black man”, also known as the devil, tried to make a deal with Tom, and from everything I’ve  ever been told in my whole life one thing remains the same, no matter who tells me, you can’t win when you make a deal with the devil.  And this is proven once again when Tom finds some of his wife’s remains.  This is entirely different from anything I have ever read before because there are so many ways to interpret this and as long as you can support your claim, there’s no wrong answer.  What I got out of this story was that Tom Walker was such a terrible greedy person, but not even he would be a slave trader and refused to make a deal with the devil because of it.  I feel like the author was trying to make the point that slavery is unacceptable and even the worst people on this earth know that, especially since this was written when slavery was legal.  I think the author was trying to prove a point to society that under no circumstances should a human being be treated like a slave.  Honestly if I could change anything in the story it would be how we interpret the devil to look like.  Since this blog is asking what I would do, I would make it so everything with the wife and Tom stayed the same, but instead they would be homeless just to emphasize the point that it doesn’t matter where you are in life, nothing is worth taking away a humans life or freedom.  I would change the devil to look like a regular business man or woman because in the bible (my blog, my beliefs) it says the devil can be seen in many ways which is why we cave into our temptations, so to make it more modern I would take away the “blacksmith warrior” look and make him look more believing as a “human”.