Time to get lit

The way I have looked at stories my whole life was pretty much just me liking them or not liking them and thinking why
I did or didn’t like them.  After our week of notes and our favorite film projects I’ve started to actually pick apart the characters and realize that there is so much more to the movie if you completely understand the characters.  The term that stood out most to me during lecture this week was dynamic.  Thinking about this term and comparing it to one of my characters in my favorite film made me appreciate it a little more than I had beforehand.  The term dynamic characters is pretty much just saying its the people who have a significant personality change throughout the plot.  In the movie Coraline, The little girl named coraline Jones changes from a selfish girl who never gets what she wants to someone who appreciates what she has and also the family she has.  She realizes during the movie that having everything you have ever wanted is not always the better choice, especially if you have a family that loves you and doesn’t lock you in a mirror.  This definitely changes the way I look at this story because I realize all the effort that had to go into developing these characters and how some of them had changed personalities throughout the movie.  The difference between observing a story and participating in the audience is that you take away something from the story if you pay attention.  If you actually engage with the text or film most people can take away a theme that will relate to their life or their current issues of some sort.  I am most definitely the person that participates because I don’t see the point in reading something and watching something and not be able to apply it to anything or even comprehend what I just read/watched.  I just think it’s a waste of time to do something and not even understand it when you’re done with it.  The second week has honestly been okay now that I’m starting to get my sleep schedule back on track.  There are lots of tests and quizzes coming up but this is what I expected so I’m going to have to just suck it up and deal with it.  Also we play central next Thursday so time to get lit.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The first week of junior year was honestly what I expected.  My courses are extremely challenging so I was trying to stay positive and ahead of my homework so I wouldn’t have a mental breakdown at the end of the week which wasn’t even a full five days.  Well, I ended up having a very large breakdown Wednesday night after hockey practice.  The day was pretty okay, but I had a lot of homework and had practice after school, so I knew it was going to be a long night but I have done it before so I kept telling myself I would get through it.  Well, half way through mother nature decided to give us torrential downpours and Baker, our hockey coach, decided to make us practice through it.  Now normally id be okay with this, but I am a goalie, so all of my gear was soaked and added at least twenty pounds to it and made it extremely hard to move.  He then decided to let us run and take cover pretty much after the rain was almost done, and then made us lug everything back to the practice field completely wet.  Also wearing everything damp started to rub and it eventually started to give me a rash on my legs so that was fun.  Once I got in the car I started to quietly whimper because I felt so defeated and tired and just done for the day.  My mom asked “what’s wrong?” And my eyes acted as a fire hydrant and literally just blew up and I continued to weep about my day for at least an hour so that’s always fun especially when your mom stops at at gas station and there’s kids outside the store and they’re watching you ball your eyes out.  But I think it was mostly because I was hungry because after I ate food I felt at least a little better and actually managed to be somewhat productive with my homework.  The week got better after that especially now that we are actually starting to learn things and get to engage in the material.  My favorite subject for this year will probably be bio 2 even though everyone says its hard, but I really like biology and have a strong understanding of biology already so I think i’ll have a good time.  I expect to have a good year with good grades, so hopefully that happen and I don’t drown halfway through the year with my own tears. 🙂