Kan(e)dy Man

I enjoyed the movie Citizen Kane but it did drag at times. He was a very messed up individual. The way the movie switched it up between the present and flashbacks made it easier to not get bored. I did need some refreshers from my table mates when different people would be speaking to remember who they were and their importance in his life. I’m honestly still trying to figure out why his parents sold him. I mean they looked like they needed the money and they did say they wanted to give him a better life but I just can’t wrap my head around it. I understand that Thatcher wanted a son to pass his legacy onto, but why not just marry someone and have your own? It was also hard to understand if his parents were loving or not. It seemed like in the beginning his mother was the one that didn’t love him and she wouldn’t let him have a loving moment with his father, but then Charles shows his frustration with leaving and his father has the urge to beat him. There was just a lot going on and it was all around an awful situation. Kane was still upset about his parents’ choice to the day he died. Rosebud being his only thing left from his childhood home. He’s always missed his parents and the love they showed him.

This commentary shows that the American Dream was only measured by how wealthy someone was and how much land or enterprise they had. Charles spends so much of his life trying to build the biggest newspaper source around and become extremely wealthy. Unsurprisingly, the way he made most of his money was by bashing other people. Kane has only focused on becoming wealthy for so long that he could not find true love and happiness. Kane even takes it far enough as to consistently chose work over his wife, Susan. Susan eventually tells him that she doesn’t want to live with him anymore because he just tries to buy her love. Thatcher doesn’t have a very good love life either so he doesn’t prove to be a good role model in that sense. Also his parents didn’t seem to have the most loving relationship so why should he strive for the same thing? The only person who actually knew why Kane was such a money hungry person was Mr. Bernstein. He was Kane’s only true friend and he knew that he was sold to Thatcher and that Kane will always feel betrayed by his family.

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Society is a joke and so is this blog

All three poems are connected in the idea that society and the fear of judgement controls a persons thought process and decisions. In “The Love Song,” Pulfrock conveys the idea of societal boarders by using a party as a setting. The main character longs to speak to a girl but instead of having the ability to, he is stomped down with judgmental remarks he makes up in his head that he imagines the higher class saying. He must instead sit outside the party and simply observe. The point of view of the character supports the theme by showing the reader the constant internal battle the man is going through. It is so bad that he believed if he interferes with the higher class, the entire universe would be titled off its axis and spun upside down and fate as we know it would be ruined. “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” is also about the differences between higher and lower classes. Stephens believes that if you live to be just like everyone else for fear of judgement, you ought to be dead because you are really not living your own life. The only character in the poem that is respected as an alive person is the pirate because he is genuinely happy and unconcerned with what the other people think. He can go to sleep drunk and sleep in whatever he would like to because he is being his own unique person no matter what. “anyone lived in a pretty how town” is less about the differences that exist in society and instead the similarities. Cummings points out that everyone is going through the same motions and is just trying to make it through life, no matter what class you are from. My favorite one that we read was “The Love Song” because I understood that one a lot more. After reading through it a couple more times and the time we did in class, it was a lot simpler than anything I was making out to be. Although it is the longest out of all three, there are a lot of points in the poem like the comparison of clothing that will stand the test of time and will always be a connection to the reader.

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The (20)00s are going to be cray

Frogs: The short story was very interesting to me. I was always wondering what Mr Wheeler would make up next. The use of satire in the story was to make a fool of the narrator. Mr Wheeler was making up the stories to waste the narrators time because he knew he was being looked down upon. He took this moment and decided to make a fool of the narrator for even asking such a question of him. Mr Wheeler had more brain power than such a question was able to do more than just be inquired for trivial matters.

Huck Fin: I am very excited to read this book. I have been to Tom Sawyers Island in Disney when I was little and I loved the adventure. Now that I know the adult side of the story I am even more excited. The fact that Twain did not make every character talk the same because he knows they are all different also makes me super excited. Some stories have so many characters that it is hard to keep track of all of them and with the different talking styles I am hoping it is different with this one.

iMom: OK HOW DID YOU FIND THIS? So basically all millennial parents were being satired because of our nation’s extreme use of technology. The idea of family and togetherness has been completely flipped upside down. The use of technology as a way to take care of your kids and be responsible for them is not too far fetched from what we are doing now. I hate the fact that the video could be legit in a couple years, if not already. Also, I am glad my mom never mistook me for a chicken.

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Satire and humor are big parts of my life. I do not go through a single day without saying something funny (dad joke/something actually funny) or being the victim of satire. My favorite type of humor is Improvisational/Blue. (I found two sources for types of humor: The Huffington Post, Daily Writing Tips. They both gave me totally different lists of types. All the other “good” websites were blocked.) This preference comes from watching the TV show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” The actors are given a task and they come up with some of the most random things, but they’re all hilarious. Some situations they act out simply make you so awkward that you feel you need to laugh. I am also a very witty person so that would also be a favorite type of mine (if that’s a type). The world would be so dry without humor. How would we dissolve awkward situations if it was not for jokes? How would we be able to comfort and distract each other from crappy situations? Humor is more important and complicated than I realized.

Mark Twain was a writer of books that included a lot of humor and he often liked to mock the world around him. The most interesting fact I could find about Mark Twain is his relation to Halley’s Comet. He was born right after Halley’s comet appeared in 1835 and it was expected to return in 1910. Twain was quoted saying, “I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet.” I do not know why but that was honestly one of the coolest things I read about him. The other thing I enjoyed researching was how many jobs he had. Twain worked as a printer apprentice in 1846, a steamboat pilot in 1859, and a miner during the silver rush. This struck me as quite impressive. Not only did he have all these different skills, but he continued to write even while accomplishing such complicated work routines.

You’re an Angel and Demon

Angels and Demons is a book written by Dan Brown. The main character is Robert Langdon (a professor at Harvard who is contacted by Maximilian Kohler to investigate the murder of Leonardo Vetra.) Without giving away the entire plot of the story, I will say that Dan Brown likes to focus a lot on Conspiracy Theories, the Vatican City, the Illuminati, and the Catholic Church. It all sounds a little crazy to me, but I guess that is why he wrote a lot of books.

This book was thoroughly confusing, but yet intriguing. The author provides a map for use when he speaks about the historical landmarks of The Vatican City. Due to my map reading skills not being quite on point and not being able to hold my page for very long because of my tiny fingers, I quite often found myself just googling the places instead. I am a much better visual learner and some parts of this text are not descriptive enough for me to vividly imagine the setting. For example when Langdon arrives at CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) it is quite hard for me to imagine how it looks. It is quite easy to pick up what Maximilian Kohler looks like. He has been described very well (I would insert a direct quote but I returned the book to the library). If I do recall correctly, his wheelchair did contain electronic gadgets such as a computers, phones, and pagers. (I guess this what happens when you are the director of the place that creates antimatter.)

The main problem I have with this story is, Why did Leonardo Vetra have to be the one to die? I mean you can tell me I ask far too many questions and that is fine by me, but I still want to know why. I mean yes he is a physicist related to the CERN and he was a catholic priest, but why him? And why does the story just open up with the death? Why can there not be any background information given to us? I guess that is just the way Brown likes to write it.

I have always found the Illuminati and the Freemasons quite intriguing so that might honestly be the only reason I tried to continue to read and understand the book. This may be the most millennial thing I say, but that book was way too big. The thriller aspect of the book was established within the first ten pages when Vetra was assassinated and branded with the Illuminati symbol. If someone can be introduced at the same time of their death, why is the book so long? I honestly didn’t make it past three quarters of the book because I lost focus in the story. There was nothing keeping me going. Yes, a ball of antimatter that could explode in 24 hours is interesting, but that thick of a book to cover a single day? That is a little much is you ask me considering most of the words in the story were not used to lay out the scenes it was taking place, but instead describing every single detail of Langdon’s outfit. Did not enjoy this book.

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My mind was blown like 18 times…

I was not expecting to actually like this. Most of the times when you get really excited I don’t really look forward to what we’re doing. BUT THIS MOVIE….. I was into it! I actually understood what was happening and I didn’t want to sleep at all. There was not a single point in time that I wanted to lay my head on the desk and although that doesn’t happen a lot in this class, the lights were off and there was no noise besides the typing of other surface pros. I could’ve easily snoozed.

The best thing about this movie was that there was always something new happening. Where was she going to go next? When was she going to die? Are they in love yet? What does Gavin think about this? THERE WAS ALWAYS SOMETHING! The music was also very helpful in helping tell the plot of the story. I would expect the main character to just gaze in a direction for hours, but the music really helped us realize what was going on mentally. Ya know when he was thinking about the woman he loves or is he thinking about absolutely nothing. Personally, I think that Midge is super annoying. She’s so attached to him and I really don’t know why she’s still stuck on him. I thought that Midge was going to kill Jude and dress as her so she could have Scotty. Also, did Midge even know about Jude. How did Scotty get out of the mental institution and back to loving another girl so fast. There was no hint that he was leaving, he kind of just appeared again. Why did he need to have his vertigo go away. Why couldn’t he just live with it. It seemed to appear only when he looked out the window, down steeple towers, and over the edge of roofs. The actor didn’t really portray that he was the afraid of the height of the steeple the second time. I know he said he had to go through another traumatic event, but the other two traumatic events required someone else dying. No one died until the end and he wasn’t acting two scared during the climb. This didn’t make sense to me.

In order to make this better for modern audiences, I would recommend focusing more on the love triangle. Look at The Hunger Games. Everyone ate that love triangle right up.


I do not agree with the thought “that government is best which governs least.” I do believe that the government should keep their nose out of some affairs, but I also think that they choose to turn their heads to important conversations they should be having. Most of the time what people are marching about is something they are very passionate about and the government shouldn’t ignore these things. A great example of this would be the #metoo movement. There were a lot of claims against Donald Trump and instead of anything happening from the marches except more people speaking up, the government and his supporters all turned their heads and ignored what was happening.

A democracy commands my respect. The fact that if we have a problem we can speak up and it will changed is very respectable. I mean it doesn’t always work and the electoral college is a little messed up, a democracy is very respectable. With authoritative governments comes the problem of not being able to speak up as easily. If you don’t agree with something you could be imprisoned, fined, or even killed. There is no room for freedom in those types of governments. In America, you can disagree and say as much crazy, hateful nonsense as you want and it will just be you expressing your freedom of expression. I don’t think this is all necessarily a good thing, but it is very important that we are able to express our thoughts and opinions freely.

The role of civil disobedience today is very important because if you don’t give the government their money, they are going to realize. Many times the marches take place but they happen so often that they just tend to ignore it. It could become a little pricey if you choose not to pay and you could be charged more fines on top of what you already owe, but if you are passionate enough to refuse to pay then you are most likely very passionate in what you are fighting for. I personally wouldn’t use civil disobedience as a tactic but I don’t necessarily disapprove if it.

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hopefully less than 15 days until you’re back

Thoreau and Emerson can easily both agree that nature is an important part of living your best life. Thoreau describes living a natural life as important aspect of life so that when you die, you feel you completely used all of your time and have no regrets. Emerson claims that nature and man should share a harmonious relationship with each other that will ultimately be dictated by man. Both authors express the health benefits of nature as well. “Nature” focuses a lot of the mental and emotional stand point. Emerson states that nature will always be there for you no matter what is going on in your life and is always going to stay constant but it is up to your perception on what it actually looks like. Another important aspect in all three excerpts would be the importance of God. In transendentalism, nature is directly related to God. The importance of God and the “divine being” was expressed more often in Emerson’s writing but was also unavoidable in Thoreau’s. Along with the connection between God and nature, there was also a lot of mention that everything happens for a reason. Emerson claims that the divine being chose what you go through and the experiences you face are what you need to go through to get the finish line. Thoreau then mentions that you shouldn’t judge you life so harshly but instead live with your mistakes and learn from them constantly.

The benefits of leaving modern society behind would be that you could greatly save money. The cost to buy the land at first and get some crops up and running would be a little pricey, but you could save a lot of money on groceries, TV, wifi, and phone bills. I’m not sure I could survive without a toilet though so I feel like an outhouse is definitely where I draw the line, but besides all of that grossness I wouldn’t miss technology too much. The only reason a majority of us have technology is so that we don’t miss anything because technology has become so custom.

If there is anything a modern reader should take from transendentalism it is that you are always a part of something greater than yourself. Whether you are religious or not, you still need to realize that you are connected to nature and maintaining that connection and growing it is very important. If you ever feel down on yourself and don’t feel like you belong. Go talk a walk outside and press the reset button. Also it is all about what you own or how much money you have. It’s about the kind of person you are and the amount of good connections you have.

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I’ve been done dirty

I was so ready to beat Zoe. We were going to throw down because we finally got something we are both passionate about. Although I didn’t exactly agree with the side of the argument I was on, I found a lot of research from NICU doctors and surgeons and studies that I was passionate about that made it easier to back it up.

Now that we have judged a lot of Thirty Seconds entries it has made me more aware when we sit down for our big family dinners. It is now really hard to sit down and not think “yup that’s name-calling” and “oh nice attempt at a red-herring, uncle joe!” Even when my niece and nephew it is quite nice to sit in between them and ask them what their facts are to back up the claims that In n Out is better than Chipotle. Usually when my peers construct arguments they’re just doing it to make people angry. By the time someone has a fact against them, they have already given up because they “just can’t.” I don’t think I have ever fought with anyone that by the end of it, I was amazed by the amount of facts they threw in my face. Whenever I fight with my parents, I usually bring forth the best facts. They usually just bring out the big guns of “because I said so.” I really don’t appreciate when I argue with my parents. I try my best to prove my point and yet it doesn’t change their mind at all.

Usually persuasive speech isn’t too hard for me. I always bring a lot of facts to the table. I believe the most important part of a debate is to accept that you are not always going to be right and you are not always going to win. With valid points and facts, it isn’t hard to tie everything together. As long as you don’t include your opinion at all and have ways to back everything up, persuasive speeches shouldn’t be the worst assignment ever. Overall I think this was a good and necessary lesson.

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not so lucky number 13

I have received abortion from the “abortion should be illegal” stand point and I am not excited AT ALL. I do not really have a strong opinion for or against abortion because there are so many circumstances that can get in the way of just making a quick decision. I know that certain states don’t allow you to get an abortion at all and certain states have restrictions on the age of the fetus at the time of abortion. For Pennsylvania, the time you are no longer allowed to receive an abortion is after 24 weeks. Without googling I know that abortion can be free for some people if you go to the right places, but can cost a lot if not. I don’t feel that you should be able to kill a child that is already able to do normal functions like breathe, see, touch, and hear. With this view also comes the fact that I can’t judge anyone else’s life decisions. The problem with making abortions illegal is that people are always going to find a way to get it done even if it is illegal via the black market and the internet providing nonsense ideas. The main problem comes when you consider what happens when rape victims are impregnated. Are they going to be forced to keep that pregnancy and the constant reminder of the pain they were put through? I think it would be pretty fair if you could abort the pregnancy based on a court ruling. If there is enough evidence that the rapist is in fact guilty of raping the victim and the victim becomes pregnant, then it should be legal for that victim. Of course with this solution also comes the problem of the fact that hearings take weeks if not months and what is saying that the court ruling is going to come in time to terminate the pregnancy.

A quick google of abortion would bring up a lot of religious views and there are a lot of opinions on what to do. There are either extreme pro-choice supporters or extreme pro-life supporters. Basically, abortion is complicated and touchy and I’m not very excited.

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