Kan(e)dy Man

I enjoyed the movie Citizen Kane but it did drag at times. He was a very messed up individual. The way the movie switched it up between the present and flashbacks made it easier to not get bored. I did need some refreshers from my table mates when different people would be speaking to remember who they were and their importance in his life. I’m honestly still trying to figure out why his parents sold him. I mean they looked like they needed the money and they did say they wanted to give him a better life but I just can’t wrap my head around it. I understand that Thatcher wanted a son to pass his legacy onto, but why not just marry someone and have your own? It was also hard to understand if his parents were loving or not. It seemed like in the beginning his mother was the one that didn’t love him and she wouldn’t let him have a loving moment with his father, but then Charles shows his frustration with leaving and his father has the urge to beat him. There was just a lot going on and it was all around an awful situation. Kane was still upset about his parents’ choice to the day he died. Rosebud being his only thing left from his childhood home. He’s always missed his parents and the love they showed him.

This commentary shows that the American Dream was only measured by how wealthy someone was and how much land or enterprise they had. Charles spends so much of his life trying to build the biggest newspaper source around and become extremely wealthy. Unsurprisingly, the way he made most of his money was by bashing other people. Kane has only focused on becoming wealthy for so long that he could not find true love and happiness. Kane even takes it far enough as to consistently chose work over his wife, Susan. Susan eventually tells him that she doesn’t want to live with him anymore because he just tries to buy her love. Thatcher doesn’t have a very good love life either so he doesn’t prove to be a good role model in that sense. Also his parents didn’t seem to have the most loving relationship so why should he strive for the same thing? The only person who actually knew why Kane was such a money hungry person was Mr. Bernstein. He was Kane’s only true friend and he knew that he was sold to Thatcher and that Kane will always feel betrayed by his family.

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