Society is a joke and so is this blog

All three poems are connected in the idea that society and the fear of judgement controls a persons thought process and decisions. In “The Love Song,” Pulfrock conveys the idea of societal boarders by using a party as a setting. The main character longs to speak to a girl but instead of having the ability to, he is stomped down with judgmental remarks he makes up in his head that he imagines the higher class saying. He must instead sit outside the party and simply observe. The point of view of the character supports the theme by showing the reader the constant internal battle the man is going through. It is so bad that he believed if he interferes with the higher class, the entire universe would be titled off its axis and spun upside down and fate as we know it would be ruined. “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” is also about the differences between higher and lower classes. Stephens believes that if you live to be just like everyone else for fear of judgement, you ought to be dead because you are really not living your own life. The only character in the poem that is respected as an alive person is the pirate because he is genuinely happy and unconcerned with what the other people think. He can go to sleep drunk and sleep in whatever he would like to because he is being his own unique person no matter what. “anyone lived in a pretty how town” is less about the differences that exist in society and instead the similarities. Cummings points out that everyone is going through the same motions and is just trying to make it through life, no matter what class you are from. My favorite one that we read was “The Love Song” because I understood that one a lot more. After reading through it a couple more times and the time we did in class, it was a lot simpler than anything I was making out to be. Although it is the longest out of all three, there are a lot of points in the poem like the comparison of clothing that will stand the test of time and will always be a connection to the reader.

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