The (20)00s are going to be cray

Frogs: The short story was very interesting to me. I was always wondering what Mr Wheeler would make up next. The use of satire in the story was to make a fool of the narrator. Mr Wheeler was making up the stories to waste the narrators time because he knew he was being looked down upon. He took this moment and decided to make a fool of the narrator for even asking such a question of him. Mr Wheeler had more brain power than such a question was able to do more than just be inquired for trivial matters.

Huck Fin: I am very excited to read this book. I have been to Tom Sawyers Island in Disney when I was little and I loved the adventure. Now that I know the adult side of the story I am even more excited. The fact that Twain did not make every character talk the same because he knows they are all different also makes me super excited. Some stories have so many characters that it is hard to keep track of all of them and with the different talking styles I am hoping it is different with this one.

iMom: OK HOW DID YOU FIND THIS? So basically all millennial parents were being satired because of our nation’s extreme use of technology. The idea of family and togetherness has been completely flipped upside down. The use of technology as a way to take care of your kids and be responsible for them is not too far fetched from what we are doing now. I hate the fact that the video could be legit in a couple years, if not already. Also, I am glad my mom never mistook me for a chicken.

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