My mind was blown like 18 times…

I was not expecting to actually like this. Most of the times when you get really excited I don’t really look forward to what we’re doing. BUT THIS MOVIE….. I was into it! I actually understood what was happening and I didn’t want to sleep at all. There was not a single point in time that I wanted to lay my head on the desk and although that doesn’t happen a lot in this class, the lights were off and there was no noise besides the typing of other surface pros. I could’ve easily snoozed.

The best thing about this movie was that there was always something new happening. Where was she going to go next? When was she going to die? Are they in love yet? What does Gavin think about this? THERE WAS ALWAYS SOMETHING! The music was also very helpful in helping tell the plot of the story. I would expect the main character to just gaze in a direction for hours, but the music really helped us realize what was going on mentally. Ya know when he was thinking about the woman he loves or is he thinking about absolutely nothing. Personally, I think that Midge is super annoying. She’s so attached to him and I really don’t know why she’s still stuck on him. I thought that Midge was going to kill Jude and dress as her so she could have Scotty. Also, did Midge even know about Jude. How did Scotty get out of the mental institution and back to loving another girl so fast. There was no hint that he was leaving, he kind of just appeared again. Why did he need to have his vertigo go away. Why couldn’t he just live with it. It seemed to appear only when he looked out the window, down steeple towers, and over the edge of roofs. The actor didn’t really portray that he was the afraid of the height of the steeple the second time. I know he said he had to go through another traumatic event, but the other two traumatic events required someone else dying. No one died until the end and he wasn’t acting two scared during the climb. This didn’t make sense to me.

In order to make this better for modern audiences, I would recommend focusing more on the love triangle. Look at The Hunger Games. Everyone ate that love triangle right up.